Person of Interest Season 3 Spoilers: Will The Machine Work With Finch Anymore?

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August 14, 2013

POI reese finch machineThe Machine gained its independence at the end of Season 2 of Person of Interest. The spoilers the executive producers gave to TV Guide show The Machine will still want to work with Finch in Season 3, but it will now be on its own terms.

“The Machine is now in charge of itself, but it still has an almost familial obligation to Finch,” executive producer Jonathan Nolan tells us. “It’s still honoring the terms of the relationship that Finch built into it.” But Finch will definitely not be calling the shots. “It’s a growing organism that is evolving, perhaps beyond the scale of his understanding,” says executive producer Greg Plageman. Adds Nolan: “A lot of people had plans for the Machine the past two seasons. This season, the question is: What are the machine’s plans for us?”

What do you think The Machine’s plans are? Be sure to tune in when Person of Interest premieres on September 24.