Person of Interest Season 3 Spoilers: ‘The Following’ Actor Cast as a Ladykiller

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August 24, 2013

poi Warren KoleThe Following actor Warren Kole will guest star in the third episode of Season 3 of Person of Interest. And TV Line spoils that he will be a “real lothario.”

The episode, aptly called “Lady Killer,” involves a POI whom Carter, Shaw, and Zoe each try to catch the eye of — by any dressed-to-kill means necessary. The trio of lovely ladies (who can be seen in BTS photos here and here) unite when Reese and Finch’s target for the week is revealed to be a ladykiller. Enter guest star Kole.

Kole has been recurring on The Following and was also on Common Law.

Should we be worried about the safety of our fierce women?

Person of Interest returns on September 24.