Person of Interest Season 3 Spoilers: The End of the Battle With HR Will Include Loss

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November 12, 2013

pic7The wheels of the conclusion of the battle with HR began turning in last week’s Person of Interest when Carter discovered Quinn is the organization’s leader. EPs Jonathan Nolan and Greg Plageman warn that we will lose a character by the last episode of this 3-show arc.

In spoilers to TV Guide, Nolan suggests that the HR storyline will be coming to an end:

It’s the final salvo in a years-long war,” he says. “It’s going to take everything our heroes can bring to bear to finally put this thing to rest. We’re building this to a climax. We’ve had an amazing experience telling this part of our story, but it’s time for this door to close and another one to open. In order to do it justice with a foe as formidable as HR, it will not come without loss.”

Will that loss be Fusco, as was suggested by the promo for tonight’s episode?

“A lot of this was sparked by [Fusco's] original sin of having been a member of HR,” Plageman says. “It’s coming back to haunt him.” Adds Nolan: “Over these three episodes, you see the journey and the distance that we’ve traveled. …  [Fusco] was literally a bad guy in the pilot. The full distance he’s traveled from that moment to this moment and who he’s become, we felt was a pretty epic journey for the character.”

Sure sounds like our beloved Fusco is going to die. Are you angry they might be killing him? (I certainly am.) Share your thoughts in the Comments. And be sure to watch the first of the 3-episode arc tonight at 10 pm on CBS.

  • guest

    I like Fusco but I wont let the show go if he is killed. I will stop being a fan if they kill Reese, Carter, Finch or Bear, thought. Unfortunately, they don’t kill Root…

  • Drdeh Psyd

    I don’t want Fusco to die!!!! He has came a long way so don’t kill him off!! Kill off Root; I don’t like that character!!!

  • Susi Tutterow Kraemer

    Killing off Carter? Seriously? I was on the edge of my seat until the end. I’m done. No more POI

  • Bess

    Yes, I have been following “Person Of Interest” from the beginning. I will be very shocked, amazed, frustrated, disappointed and upset if you let Officer Carter die. Of all characters she should not be killed off. All of us her watching for these final episodes were stunned at the ending tonight. We couldn’t believing where the ending was going. We hope our impressions perceived are wrong.

  • Beanie

    i loved the show person of interest, but now after last night I will no longer watch the show because Taraji Henson was killed off and I loved her with Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson and Kevin Chapman. I am so disappointed.