Person of Interest Season 3 Episode 3 “Lady Killer” Spoilers: Root, Bear, and the Machine

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October 8, 2013

first promo photoThe ladies team up to catch a possible serial killer of women in tonight’s Person of Interest, “Lady Killer.” And BuddyTV has some spoilers regarding surprises for some of our favorite characters.

  • Root has her own big part in the episode and by the end her story goes in “a very surprising direction. “
  • “Bear has a new admirer of his own and discovering who that is will turn out to be a big clue about that person and their background.”
  • The Machine has a big surprise in store for us, in terms of what “she” does and how “she” does it.
  • The title of the episode is very deceptive; it could refer to the POI or to another character. “Nothing is what it seems.”

Are you excited for tonight’s episode?