'Person of Interest' Season 2 Spoilers: Root's Plans, and About That Dog...

'Person of Interest' Season 2 Spoilers: Root's Plans, and About That Dog...

Have we seen Root at her most ruthless, or is there more badness to come? And is Bear a keeper? TVLine spoke to the folks over at Person of Interest and shared some spoilers regarding their scary villain and newest team member.

You thought Root poisoning that woman in the Season 2 premiere was bad? Executive Producer Greg Plageman says we've "just scratched the surface" of her misdeeds. Fellow EP Jonah Nolan added:

Root is stone-cold but it’s considered. We don’t think of her as a psychopath but someone who is in her own way sympathetic. And the case she is trying to make is, in many ways – though not the killing people part! – something Finch can relate to. You have all these people who want to manipulate [the Machine], and Root wants to set it free. What that means, and how her plan ultimately plays out, is something that we’re going to see through the course of the season.
And Bear, the dog Reese rescued in the opener? He's a keeper! Jim Caviezel has a lot of admiration for his new costar:

He’s an extraordinary animal, a Belgian Malinois – the kind of dog they used to get Bin Laden. I go down to [Naval Amphibious Base] Coronado to train with them, SEAL Team 1 and SEAL Team 3, and they said that dog will hit you at 50 mph and you could be 6-foot-5 and it will Knock. You Down. It’s incredibly powerful.

Nolan believes he fits in well with his characters: "These guys in the library, and to a degree Fusco and Carter, are all kind of damaged in ways, outcasts in ways, so our dog kind of fits neatly into that."

Do you think Root will be defeated in tonight's episode? And do you like their new canine friend? Share your thoughts in the Comments!