‘Person of Interest’ Season 2 Spoilers: Learning More About The Machine

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August 25, 2012

Finch’s kidnapping left Reese with the problem of how to work with The Machine in its maker’s absence. That will lead to us viewers finding out more about The Machine and its backstory with Finch.

EW reports that it will take more than one episode for things to get back to normal after last season’s cliffhanger. Meanwhile, Emerson says Reese will be “creatively improvising” as he learns how to communicate with The Machine:

“For a while in the early going of the new season, [the person of the week stories] will be mixed in with the ongoing backstory of The Machine and of Mr. Finch being unavailable and of Mr. Reese figuring out how to do their usual work single-handedly.”

But don’t expect all the answers about The Machine right away:

“I don’t know if we see the full-on super emergency system he was alluding to. The machine in season 2 gets more important and it becomes more of another character in the storytelling, I would say.”

Bonus spoiler: Someone will be getting a new furry companion. (There are rumors that Reese gets a dog.)

Person of Interest returns with the Season 2 premiere, “The Contingency,” on September 27.