Person of Interest Season 2 Spoilers: Fractures Coming Between The Core Four

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October 15, 2012

Why can’t we all just get along? While the core four characters on Person of Interest will remain on the same side, things will not always go smoothly between them. EW shared these Season 2 spoilers:

“We have four characters who like each other, understand each other — still have lots of secrets there — but they’re allies… you gotta throw a wrinkle in there eventually,” teases Jonathan Nolan. “Expect things to take a turn for the worst.”

The first wrinkle will appear in Thursday’s episode, which will see Carter clashing with Fusco on how they go about getting things done:

“Carter is a natural detective. She’s never going to be satisfied with being kept at arm’s length,” says Nolan of Carter’s instincts to seek out the truth when it comes to her dealings with Finch and Reese. And in the third episode, Nolan teased that viewers will see her approach directly conflict with Fusco’s method of operation. “They have a somewhat different philosophy about just how far they should push that issue,” he says.

Person of Interest is all new with “Masquerade” on October 18.