Person of Interest Season 2 Episode 22 “God Mode” Spoilers: The Coming of a “Brave New World”

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May 8, 2013

tn-500_103226_wb_0588bcSo many questions, so little time left in Person of Interest’s second season. Look to tomorrow night’s finale, “God Mode,” to provide some answers regarding Nathan and Finch, Finch and Reese, and the surprising new controller of The Machine. Read on for spoilers from TV Guide:

Look for another major download of answers about Finch’s past, including exactly what tragedy befell his former partner Nathan Ingram and how that moment led Finch to take up Nathan’s mantle with regards to doing the work of The Machine. But given Finch’s alleged recent betrayals of Reese, is their partnership also destined to end in flames? Also, in the race to save The Machine, expect more resolution than your traditional cliff-hanger. “At the end of this 24-hour period, someone is going to control The Machine, and the identity of that someone is something of a surprise,” creator Jonathan Nolan says. “We consider this finale the end of one chapter. Next season is a brave new world.”

Who do you think will be The Machine’s new admin?

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