Person of Interest Season 2 Episode 22 “God Mode”: Spoilers on Root, Harold, Nathan, Grace, and The Machine for Tonight’s Season Finale

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May 9, 2013

tn-500_103215_0374bcLast week’s Person of Interest left us with two phone calls from The Machine, one to Root and one to Reese. In tonight’s season finale, “God Mode,” we will learn even more about The Machine, Harold, his tragic past, and how the team will interact with The Machine in Season 3.

What Root means when she says she wants to “set The Machine free” will be revealed, as creator Jonathan Nolan tells

“The big question for Root is: ‘Where are you?’ She wants to know where The Machine is and how she can, as she puts it, free it. What that means, and the identity of the person responsible for all this mayhem in the first place are the questions we aim to answer in the finale.”

Although still in her clutches, Finch will not give up in his fight against Root:

“[The finale] will confirm our sense that Mr. Finch is the master game player of them all,” Michael Emerson teases. “They’ve done a good job of making it look like things are out of his control, but he still has some cards to play. Nothing has gone the way he expected, but he’s a great anticipator of complications. His circumstances are difficult because he’s traveling with an armed psychopath who’s also terribly smart, so it’s an interesting bit of gamesmanship on his part.”

Meanwhile, there will be more flashbacks with Nathan and Grace, and neither story will have a happy ending:

“We perceived this season that we would wind up answering questions about Harold Finch,” Nolan says. “I think it’s been clear for some time now that Harold Finch is formed in tragedy. The exact nature of that is what we explore in flashback in the finale.” Adds Emerson: “Both of those are great establishing storylines and crucial to the revealing of … Finch’s whole mission. Both of them are going to end darkly. I’m not sure we can go back to those storylines in the same way we’ve been accustomed to after what happens.”

And the biggest question going into Season 3: Can The Machine be controlled any longer?

“Our battle-weary heroes walk off into the sunset, but that sunset is a huge unknown,” Emerson says. “Even if we go back to the status quo, do we really still have the same relationship with The Machine or have we set something loose that is going to grow and mature and become independent in new ways?”

Be sure to tune in to the second season finale of Person of Interest tonight on CBS.