Person of Interest Season 2 Episode 22 “God Mode” Promo

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May 3, 2013

Reese and Finch team up with surprising allies in a race to save The Machine in the Person of Interest season 2 finale, “God Mode” airing next Thursday on CBS.

  • jowhoknits

    Most fascinating program on TV; incredible writing, acting, suspense, and secrets hidden within each episode make it doubly fun to watch. Glad Reese and Carter are actually talking face to face after so many months apart. Looking forward to final episode for Season 2, I expect a really eciting show with a cliffhanger people can’t predict.

  • CharlesMaglaughlin

    This past Thursday’s episode shocked me beyond belief. I have watched and enjoyed every episode. This latest had to have been the most disturbing and downright poorly written and conceived I’ve ever seen of my favorite show. What gives with the over complicated dialogue and interpersonal relationship with Nathan before he died. This twist had never been presented before. What’s with making Finch look like the bad guy? I had enough of Root and the other babe. Blow them both up. The show needs to get back to common everyday people situations, human interest and simple plots and dialogue. Sometimes these drama queen writers and creators impose their own wacko world on viewers, and only end up pissing them off, never to return again. It happened with me concerning Grey’s Anatomy. I hope the powers that be of “Person of Interest” wake up before it’s too late. I’d hate to have to stew an entire off-season over whether to leave my favorite show for a new one on another network.

  • poi fan

    Poi is a good program I think caz I the machine has always shown that it was feeling when john was trying to find finch when root had him. Now question is, does it know its creator after system reset and is it going to try a rule now?? 7can wait