Person of Interest Season 1 Finale “Firewall” Spoilers: Should We Fear the Machine?

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May 10, 2012

I have shared spoilers about Amy Acker’s guest starring role in the Person of Interest Season 1 finale, as a psychologist to the rich and famous who needs Reese’s protection from her clients who want to keep their secrets safe (you can read about that here). I’ve also given a plot synopsis for the finale, called “Firewall” (you can find it here), where Reese finds himself isolated from Finch, Carter, and Fusco, wondering who he can trust. But should our characters be wondering if the Machine can be trusted?

Creator Jonathan Nolan tells TV Guide that the episode will put the spotlight on the character that’s usually in the background:

“We’re always looking for those tectonic moves—the big movements underneath everything. I think you’ll see some relationships shifting again with another character on our show that people don’t talk about as much: the machine.”

Could the Machine turn on its creator? Do our heroes have reason to fear? Or will the Machine (its “firewall”) be compromised? Will “Root” be making a reappearance?

The Season 1 finale airs May 17 on CBS.