Michael Emerson: 'Person of Interest' Answers Will Come Faster Than on Lost

Michael Emerson: 'Person of Interest' Answers Will Come Faster Than on Lost

Tonight's episode of Person of Interest will delve further into the mystery of the Machine, meaning we will not have to wait very long for the show to start revealing its secrets. This should come as a relief to fans of Lost, as Michael Emerson told TVLine:

“I was used to the more glacial style of revealing that we had on Lost, where you would just get a little bit of a tease. I thought, ‘Oh, they’ll have to establish the rhythm of [Person of Interest] and the way we prevent crime before they started exploring [the Machine], but I think it’s a good move. It lets the audience know early on that we’re telling a story every week, but we’re also telling a longer, intriguing story.”

Emerson also gave some insight into how the Machine works to provide them with each week's "person of interest," and how realistic such a machine actually is:

“What were talking about here is a massive crunch of data — weeks of things, not just two or three events — and some beyond-sophisticated pattern recognition software. Like, buying and discarding untraceable cell phones would make a little red light go off on the Machine, or if you were regularly moving sums of money, or traveling in a certain pattern, or making certain contacts…. Within the logic construct of the show, it seems to be fairly well-explained.”

Tonight's episode calls the Machine's infallibility into question, however, when it provides them with a POI who is apparently deceased. But Finch and Reese proceed anyway, because to Finch "the Machine is like Finch’s child and on some level he trusts it implicitly.”

The episode also features something else familiar to Lost fans: flashbacks, specifically ones revealing more of Finch's background. Emerson says they show us “a younger, happier Finch,” then “lay the groundwork for whatever trauma or loss will set him spinning off on the course he’s on now.” One thing we won't learn yet: how Finch got his limp. “It does rise out of the backstory we begin to explore in Episode 2,” Emerson said, “but that is a whole other story unto itself.”