A Dangerous New Foe Is Coming to 'Person of Interest', Plus Other Spoiler Bits

A Dangerous New Foe Is Coming to 'Person of Interest', Plus Other Spoiler Bits

We’re going to start learning more about our mysterious leads, Finch and Reese, plus an upcoming episode will introduce a dangerous new foe. The men behind Person of Interest—Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, and Jonathan Nolan—gave some spoilers to TV Guide…well, as many as JJ Abrams would allow them to share.

First off, what they couldn’t talk about: Why does Finch limp? Is Harold really his first name? What is the personal loss he refers to that motivates his crusade? How did Reese's fiancée, Jessica, die?

Now that those burning questions are out of the way, what COULD they share? Emerson said that there might be a connection between the “irrelevants” they investigate each week:

"We've begun to explore backstories for Reese and Finch that would explain their psychological motivations. We're also beginning to get a sense that there might be a little connection between some of these crimes that they're intervening in, that there might be some ongoing criminal enterprise that might occupy them for more than an episode."

That will lead to the November appearance of an as-yet-uncast archvillain to complicate the duo's mission. Caviezel couldn’t say how powerful or connected their nemesis will be, but described him/her as "somebody's kryptonite."

Emerson warned that Det. Carter’s presence will loom larger as the season goes on:

"Our two avengers have attracted the attention of the authorities, so in addition to their vigilante work, they now have to spend more energy avoiding detection."

These threats will cause the men’s relationship to strengthen and deepen despite their initial distrust, according to Emerson:

"Over time, there are little easinesses that are creeping in. There is a kind of grudging brotherhood growing up between them, like they're two halves of one great avenging angel."

Caviezel said that bonding will be especially hard for Reese because he is “broken,” but “because the intention of what they're doing is selfless, they can't help at times admiring one another, liking one another."

Nolan shared that he is basing their softening relationship on an iconic duo: The X-Files’ Mulder and Scully:

"The X-Files is definitely something we had in mind. In upcoming episodes you'll see that line blur a little bit. We start to see Finch take on a more active role and a little bleed from what Finch does. They kind of rub off on each other, hopefully in really fun ways."

That fun continues tonight at 9 pm on CBS.