Parks and Recreations Season 5 Episode 8 “Pawnee Commons” Guide and Photos

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November 15, 2012

NBC released the official guide and promotional photos of Parks and Recreations season 5 episode 8 “Pawnee Commons” — which airs Thursday, Nov. 29th.


  • Leslie (Amy Poehler) makes a public appeal for park design suggestions, but becomes suspicious when the best design comes from an architect in Eagleton.
  • Tom (AZIZ ANSARI) enlists the help of the office as he sets up his new “Rent a-Swag” business, while Andy (Chris Pratt) finds a way to make his new security guard job exciting.

Source: NBC

  • Renton

    Great recap! This was such a hilarious episode! Bert Macklin
    trying to get the necklace full of war secrets from Judy Hitler KILLED me! It
    was a nice call back to see DJ Roomba drop the beat, and Tom had a great little
    moment near the end, with Anne. Due to a schedule shift at work, I forgot it
    was Thursday until I saw some of my DISH coworkers talking about it on Facebook
    after the show was already over. Luckily though, I was able to record
    everything on the four major networks using PrimeTime Anytime last night,
    through my DISH Hopper, so I didn’t miss anything. I can’t wait for next week!