Parenthood Spoilers: Who was cut from the series finale?

Parenthood Spoilers: Who was cut from the series finale?

On NBC's press release for Parenthood's series finale, John Corbett, was listed as one of the guest cast. Unfortunately, viewers of the well-watched drama will not get to see Corbett's character, Seth, on the swan song episode.

Seth, as you may all know, is Sarah's ex and Amber and Drew's father.  

Corbett has revealed at the recent TCA press tour that his scene was cut from the Jan. 29th finale. In a report from TV Guide, he shares:

It's killing me. I worked hard on it. I love those people. It was a really emotional scene. I don't get asked to do that very often. I saw my grandchild for the first time. It was a very short scene. It was only maybe a page and a half of dialogue but you got to see my character, and I felt like I was a part of the show.

[Showrunner] Jason Katims called me the night before last. It was really nice of him to call me himself and tell me that it was cut. He said actually about 10 of his favorite scenes had to go because of time.

Source: TV Guide