Parenthood Season 5 Spoilers: ‘Lost’ Actress Cast As Joel’s Love Interest

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July 13, 2013


As scooped earlier, Joel and Julia’s marriage will be shaken up by a third party on the upcoming fifth season of Parenthood.

TV Line has learned that the character that will throw a monkey wrench into the couple’s relationship has already been cast. She will be played by Lost alum, Sonya Walger.

Walger will play the recurring role of Meredith, a sexy, confident fireball of an architect who is working with Sam Jaeger’s Joel on a two-year project.

In the Sept. 26 premiere, Joel and Julia invite Mer over for dinner and she inadvertently makes Julia feel self-conscious about being a stay-at-home mom. Julia views her as a bit of a threat, even though she isn’t consciously trying to be.

Oh no. Poor Julia! Do you think she will be threatened by this new “Mer” character? Or will she try and keep it cool? Sound off below!