Parenthood Season 5 Spoilers: Guess Who’s Running for Office?

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August 26, 2013


Someone from the Braverman family is running for office in Berkeley.

CLUE: This person has managed to raise a family, battle a fatal disease and get called a ‘b*tch’ by her own child.

You got it, I’m talking about the almost perfect mom, Kristina Braverman!

Expect for Adam’s behalf to pursue her career in politics when season five of Parenthood returns. But what position will she run for and who will be her opponent? Find out more spoilers below:

It will be a much lighter season for Kristina as she puts all that cancer awfulness behind her (thank god, we have no lore tears), and runs for mayor. Oh, and guess who’s going to be running against her? Bob Little! Yep, Mae Whitman’s old flame is going to be in a heated battle with her aunt Kristina.

Source: E! Online