Parenthood Season 5 Spoilers and POLL: Baldie-No-More for Kristina Braverman! Which Short Hairdo Should She Wear?

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July 9, 2013


Actress Monica Potter dropped a Parenthood season 5 spoiler for us today, Braverman followers!

On her twitter account, the actress told her followers that she will be getting a shorter hairdo and asks them to help her pick the best choice among her top three picks.

Check out the celebs she plans to use as her new hairdo inspiration, here’s a photo of her official tweet:


On the photo: Dancing pro Julianne Hough’s bob, British pop star Sarah Hardin’s pixie cut, and Emma Watson’s cropped cut.

What do you think? What haircut should Kristina wear on Parenthood season 5?

Help Mrs. Braverman decide, vote on our latest POLL below!