Parenthood Season 5 Spoilers: A "Third Party" To Rock One of Braverman's Marriage -- Which Couple Is It?!

Parenthood Season 5 Spoilers: A "Third Party" To Rock One of <em>Braverman's</em> Marriage -- Which Couple Is It?!


Oh no. One of the Bravermans will be facing a rocky marriage! Have you already placed your bets? Keep reading to find out!

When Parenthood returns for the fifth season, Adam and Kristina. *Kidding!

This time, seriously, the aforementioned couple bound to have a shaky start I'm afraid is -- Joel and Julia.

Here's the BIG shocker (spoilers):

A third party is going to create some tension in Julia and Joel’s marriage, and — shocker! — it’s not one of their irrepressible demon spawn! (I josh, I josh. I love those fire-breathing monsters… like a cold sore.)

When the action picks up (after a somewhat sizeable time jump), Joel is in the midst of working on a two-year project with a fireball of an architect named Meredith (new recurring character alert!). Everything’s copasetic until Mer joins Joel and Julia for dinner and inadvertently makes former legal eagle Julia feel crappy about being a stay-at-home mom. What’s more, Julia starts to view her hubby’s new work wife as a threat. (I think we all know where this is going… )

Source: TV Line

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