‘One Tree Hill’ Will We See Murray and Burton in Season 9?

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July 17, 2011

Keep reading to find out what the chances of Chad Murray (Lucas) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton) returning next season are.

First off, for those who don’t know or haven’t read previous posts, One Tree Hill will be returning for it’s 9th and FINAL season with 13 new episodes. OTH has been pushed to mid-season meaning it will start airing its new episode in January-February 2012. No official start date has been released yet but I will keep you posted.

Now the question everyone’s been asking: will we see Lucas (Chad Murray), Peyton (Hilarie Burton), and Sawyer before the series finale?

“[New CW boss] Mark Pedowitz is going to talk with them. I don’t think anything has been done yet, but now that everybody knows that this is the final 13 episodes…”

the network’s outgoing president Dawn Ostroff told TVLine.
Pedowitz added

“… that makes it more possible as far as cast members coming back.”

Executive producer, Mark Schwahn, says that they couldn’t make a deal with Murray and Burton for season 8 as they both had other commitments. But knowing that this is the finale season, Murray, Burton, and Schwahn will try to sort out any scheduling conflict to make it possible for them to return for an episode or two.

I think the only thing that can top the season 8 finale with Jamie dribbling a basketball across the bridge just like Lucas (Chad Murray) in the pilot is if the Murray and Burton would return. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and I’ll keep you posted on future developments with the possibility of these two returning.

Do you want to see Peyton and Lucas one more time before the end of OTH or do you not care anymore? If they did come back, what would you like to see? Sound off below!

Sources: TVLine, Daemon’s TV

  • Fan

    I stopped watch OTH because they left, if they would come back even for just a few eps i think i would watch it again!

  • Layan

    Ya a lot of people stopped watching after they left! If they were to come back, I think a lot of people would actually tune in.

  • Ajwenel89

    I still watch it but not when it airs like i did when they were on, they made the show I would love to see them back for an episode or 2

  • Ajwenel89

    I still watch it but not when it airs like i did when they were on, they made the show I would love to see them back for an episode or 2

  • Brooke

    Totally overrated! One tree hill is SO much better without self-obsessed, self-pitying, moany, depressing Peyton and Lucas has got nothing on Julian!

  • N3JHs829

    The show really went downhill when they left, I would really like to see them back for the conclusion of it 

  • Fatuma abdi


  • Fatuma abdi

    stfu . peyton and lucaas are the BESSST so just move left ^ exit the page Hoe . shit . BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADDEE ! ASAP 

  • Yamapiandme

    it would be really great if they’d return.. its the final season after all.. it would be very meanig ful for those who had watched it from the beginning, like me, to see all the original and new casts together even if its just an episode or two..

  • Npesv

    The show is great either way. Since they were on for so long, it would be cool to reappear but Nathan and Haley made the show for me, so I am just excited for another season!

  • Wdeidra

    Would love it!!! Love Love Love it to see them for all of the last season!!!!!!

  • Marj_denworcnu

    please get them back. they have and inspired and touched a million of viewers across the globe. the story started with them and you gotta admit it, they pretty much carried the story most of the time. so it is best to get them back on its final season, otherwise, i do not think it would be a great ending, in fact, it will end the same way the previous seasons ended, HANGING. So if this is the last season and Leyton comes back, it’s like having a closure from a break up. get them back. pleaaaaseeee.

  • Black_beauty_662

    yes bring them back, id love to see how Brooke and Peyton’s relationship had changed over the yrs especially as she didnt even attend Brooks wedding, and it would be nice to see all the future little OTH playing around together lol

  • Ginnykeaton

    yes, bring Lucas and Peyton back. The show  has not been the same wince they left

  • fan

    i am absolutely obsessed with OTH. it’s just not the same without lucas and peyton!! i’m already sad this is the final season so bring them back for the final season!!

  • Cathysquinn

    would love to see them come back.  show although still very good has not been the same without them

  • Cathysquinn

    would love to see them come back.  show although still very good has not been the same without them

  • biggest fan

    Pleaseeeee bring them backk!

  • Jenn Davis3909

    I was really surprised that they couldn’t make it to one episode for brooke’s wedding. I would of thought that something could have been worked out for that. I would really like to see them again for the finale. Its jst really gonna be hard topping having them not there for the wedding but I’m sure the producers will come up wit something really great as they always do

  • http://twitter.com/theoutsider1986 Joanne Torku

    I hope they come back. I want to see them so that the series can wrap up. Like they did with 7th Heaven. All the original cast came back for the last season.

  • Roisinmarieokeeffe

    i love OTH have watched it since day 1, id like to see them back for all 13 episodes :) 

  • nikkisixx19


  • Allee1031

    They don’t matter to me. Fact is…they didn’t find it important enough to stick with the show that actually made them. I personally have always been a huge fan of Sophia Bush & Bethany Joy. They have always made the show for me. && they actually stayed on it. Their lives were much more enjoyable & they stuck with the show that made them. So im.over the whole lucas n peyton thing. I never stopped watching!

  • guest

    i would love to see both of them. it is the final season so why not try to have everyone from the original cast we can……….

  • Keisha_pye

    lucas and peyton Made oth. the show just went downhill after they left ..