'One Tree Hill' What's Coming Up In Season 9?

'One Tree Hill' What's Coming Up In Season 9?

Keep reading to find out what's coming up in season 9 of 'One Tree Hill'.

  • According to Ausiello, a major character gets *i**a**** this season.. (Kidnapped?)

  • James Lafferty (Nathan) will appear in 7 out of the 13 episodes. Nathan is now a full-fledged Fortitude agent, will be traveling abroad for a significant chunk of the season.
  • Chris Keller (Tyler Hilton) possibly causing Nathan's jealous side to rear its ugly head again.
  • Paul Johansson (Dan) will be back as a series regular this season. E!Online reveals that "He will definitely be causing a ruckus on his return to Tree Hill. Exact details are unknown right now, but rest assured, the old scheming Dan Scott is making a comeback!" He will be threatening someone's life but at least he won't be threatening the life of a family member.
  • Ausiello reveals that "When Clay starts to sleepwalk, his attempt to remedy the situation (hint: illegal drugs!) puts Quinn in harm’s way (hint: gun gets pointed at her!). Elsewhere, after Julian forgets one of the twins in the car, Brooke is going to react in a big way".
  • TVGuide tells us that "Clay is going spend a significant amount of time with a shrink this season after he suffers some unexplained blackouts. The good news: The therapist is an old friend, having helped Clay through his grief after Sara's death. The bad news: Fixing this current problem might require Clay admitting himself to the loony bin."

  • EW announced that Chelsea Kane is moving into Tree Hill. Kane will play “Tara,” a rival Café owner to Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) and Brooke (Sophia Bush). She will appear in one of the early episodes of the finale season.
  • Pierce Gagnon will be playing Logan, a smart for his age (6 years old), optimistic and wide-eyed kid. Logan has had a difficult childhood but looks on the bright side of things.
  • Dax Griffin will be playing Chuck's Dad on a recurring role.
  • Still no news on if Chad Michael Murray or Hilarie Burton will be back but Murray tellsE!Online,

"I honestly haven't heard a word. I haven't heard anything. I know how much the fans want it, and for the fans, I think I would definitely do that. Absolutely."

What do you think about the recurring characters and the new characters that are being introduced? Is 7 episode with Nathan enough? Comment away!

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