One Tree Hill Season 9 Interview With Tyler Hilton

One Tree Hill Season 9 Interview With Tyler Hilton

Keep reading to find out what Tyler Hilton has to say about being back in Tree Hill for One Tree Hill's last season!

Chris Keller was a huge troublemaker when back when he was in Tree Hill a few season back. Well now he's back and as a series regular. Tyler Hilton who plays Keller tells E!Online about his big return to Tree Hill.

Hilton shares,

"[At this season's first] table read, the creator of the show (Mark Schwahn) had this great speech about how many shows we have been on longer than, and we are one of the longest-running shows on TV. It was really cool. It was also the first time I got to be a part of the cast from the first episode as a series regular. I always used to come in, hang out and then leave. But this season is the last, they are writing as if it is...They want to end it in a way they want to end it. It's cool I get to be back for the end of it."

When he was asked about what Chris Keller has been up to since season 4, he said,

"Just doing more of the same...for the most part he has just been touring and being Chris Keller all around the world. The funny thing is, because they skipped everyone ahead six years, it's been a long time since we have checked in with Chris Keller. It's been, like, 10 years or something, which is strange but it's also cool to see what he has been up to. I had dinner with Mark Schwahn and he told me what he was thinking in terms of what was going to happen this season...I have to say I think this is going to be the best stuff I have ever done on this show. It's just hilarious. The stuff they have been coming up with, it just seems like they have been dying to do Chris Keller stuff for so long and they've been saving it all up."

Hilton explains,

"I just want to know more about his backstory and where he has come from...Something happened in the last script that confused me, and now I am not quite sure who Chris Keller is. He is in a territory that I don't even know, so I am just hoping to find out what made him the way that he is."

When asked if he will be causing some friction between Haley and Nathan like in the past seasons, he said,

"Everyone is 10 years older than the last time Chris Keller came to town, there may not be the same kinds of situations, but there is still a lot of drama there. This is probably my favorite season of the show, ever. It's so wound up into each other...I definitely do have a lot of dealings with Haley."

Finally, we'll get to hear Tyler Hilton's music on the show.

"The album I have been working on, releasing in January, [fits in] right with the first episode, so we are putting a lot of my music on the show. As always, my music is Chris Keller's music. Chris Keller does have good taste in music. So yeah, I will be performing on the show, playing some of my songs, and I get to play with some other people and help out some other artists, too."

Are you excited to see a new side of Chris Keller this season? Sad that it's OTH's last season? Comment away!