One Tree Hill Season 8 What’s Coming Up Next

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January 25, 2011

Check out some spoilers on what’s coming up next on One Tree Hill!

First off, here’s some casting news! Quinton Aaron (The Blind Side) will be guest starring in this season’s 14th episode of One Tree Hill. Aaron will play Tommy, a student in Nathan’s (James Lafferty) business class who is singled out by Professor Kellerman (Peter Reigert) for being an athlete and goes on to form a bond with Nathan.
Also, Levin Rambin (Grey’s Anatomy and Sarah Connor Chronicles) has been cast for a recurring role and will make her first OTH appearance during this season’s 19th episode. Rambin will play a young woman that crosses paths with Brooke (Sophia Bush) as she explores adoption options.

As for Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) and Peyton (Hilarie Burton), they won’t be making a special appearance for Brooke (Sophia Bush) and Julian’s (Austin Nichols) wedding. Burton says that she won’t be appearing at all this season as she doesn’t have time in her busy schedule. There is still no word on whether Chad will be appearing sometime before the end of the season. The good news is, there is no disaster that happens during Brooke and Julian’s wedding.

Lastly, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but rumor has it that One Tree Hill won’t be renewed for a new season. What are you thoughts on that? Want more OTH?

That’s all I have for you for now.. Make sure you tune in tonight for the return of One Tree Hill at 8/7c on the CW

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  • Patti0429

    if its not going to be renewed (which i think is the right thing to do, i mean, all of the characters’ stories are ending and i dont want to see more bad things happen to them) then Hilarie and Chad better get their acts together so all the original cast can be on the finale….

    p.s. im secretly hoping that in like the not too distant future they continue it with jamie going to tree hill high, i mean the actors almost like 12 so we only got a couple of years to go…