One Tree Hill Season 8 One Finale Spoiler Possibly Confirmed?

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March 11, 2011

I wrote some rumored spoilers a few days ago, and it looks like one of the spoilers might actually happen. Keep reading to find out which of those spoilers I’m talking about!

For years “One Tree Hill” has called a Wilmington storefront home. For the first half of the show’s run, the location at the southeast corner of Front and Grave Streets served as the set for the fictional Karen’s Cafe. When the show jumped ahead several years in its timeline a few years ago, Karen (Moira Kelly) had moved away.

The new storyline had Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) purchase the space for a Tree Hill location for her Clothes Over Bros. clothing line. The storefront set changed with it.

This season, Clothes Over Bros. went out of business. Now, that storefront has changed again, but it went back to being Karen’s Cafe.

Check out these photos for a little sneak peek.

Now, there is no word yet on how the change plays into the storyline, but these pictures might mean that the rumored spoiler that Haley will reopen Karen’s Cafe is true. Again, nothing is confirmed, but I’ll keep you posted

Source: WWAY3

  • Tabitha Mann

    I’m glad to have “Karens Cafe” back; it will bring a little bit of the earlier seasons back. I just wish that Karen could come back to run it and Leyton would return. I want to see Sawyer, I want to see them!

  • Me4472

    me 2! i think its relly cute if haley does that 2….i just luv her and nathan
    just wish she wasnt married to Michale, she got married in the 2nd season so i always kinda wondered how they showed such luv on the screen and not in luv in real life. i think thats amazing how they could show such luv on the screen and be with other people in real life.

  • NewlyBrokenRoad

    I know another spoiler that is definitely true! Brooke is pregnant. See here? THe triplets in the picture are the babies playing Lydia.(Get this, they’re all boys! XD) Anyway, see Brooke’s baby belly? She looks about five months pregnant, and Lydia looks about five months old… this picture was taken during the filming of the season finale. :DDD