One Tree Hill Season 8 'Old Nathan' To Come Back?

One Tree Hill Season 8 'Old Nathan' To Come Back?

Remember when Nathan saw the car that almost killed Jamie and Brooke.. well keep reading to find out some spoilers about what Nathan will do about it!

Back in March, we found out that Professor Kellerman’s young son — and now Nathan’s young star talent — was involved in the crash that nearly claimed the life of Nathan’s son Jamie and Brooke.

Here's what James Lafferty (Nathan) has to say about it:

“I think Nathan’s gotten himself into something here. I think he feels like he has to do some detective work. Whether or not he should be taking it upon himself remains to be seen. He definitely is going to pursue the truth, and I think it’s possible he will bite off more than he can chew.”

Nathan’s ready for a fight. Lafferty teases:

“It’s definitely possible that a little bit of the old Nathan could come out. Nathan’s been known to lose his temper. At the same time, he’s also learned a lot. I think fans can definitely expect some sort of confrontation, but with who and how will definitely be a bit of a surprise for them.”

EP Mark Schwahn says:

“They’re going to set their sites on Kellerman, and whether or not he’s repentant or remorseful or combative is the dance we’re going to do. Julian and Nathan almost lost the ones they love in that accident, and it’s fun to watch them be angry again. Julian has been so romantic and supportive, and so stable in Brooke’s life, and it’s nice that he gets to raise his voice and be angry and aggressive.”

Source: TVLine