'One Tree Hill' More Season 8 Finale Spoilers Confirmed!

'One Tree Hill' More Season 8 Finale Spoilers Confirmed!

Get excited! I have more season (possibly series) finale confirmed!

So I have some exciting news for you. Brooke (Sophia Bush) will definitely be pregnant on the show. Chloe will change her mind about giving Brullian the baby. In episode 20, they will find out that Brooke is in fact pregnant. Now the rumors are that Lydia (Naley's daughter) was going to be five months old when Brooke is five months pregnant. Here's a picture that says it all which was taken during the filming of the season 8 finale.
The babies in the picture are triplet boys playing the part of Lydia (5 months old) and you can see that Brooke is about 5 months pregnant...

Another rumor that's been confirmed about the finale is that during the season finale, the show will flash forward a year. Rumors are that there will be two flash forwards but for now that hasn't been confirmed.

James Lafferty says "I can tell you that the fans won't be disappointed." about this season's finale!

What do you think about this Brooke being preggers storyline? Flash forwards again? Good or bad idea?

Source: TVLine E!Online OTHForums and thanks NewlyBrokenRoad for the tip!