One Tree Hill Season 8 Brulian Baby?!

One Tree Hill Season 8 Brulian Baby?!

Austin Nichols (Julian) was asked about the Brulian baby and what's coming up for Brooke and Julian in the next few episodes. Keep reading to find about a few spoilers from what he had to say..

"We got married in episode 13, then we’re trying to adopt, and there are some more things that may possibly get in the way in the next five episodes that you’ll see. I can’t tell you much about that adoption and that new baby, but it was one of the most important things in my episode that I directed and [what] I had the most fun with,”

When asked about if Brooke and Julian will be happy, he says,

“You know, I think that she’s [Brooke] such an important character in this world, and she’s had a rough go. Julian finally came into her life, and he was a guy that kind of swept her up and made her feel that it was going to be okay — that they were right for each other and would live happily ever after. TV shows are definitely about drama so there’s definitely going to be some of that, but I think that they’re the ones for each other. I think they found each other.”

Source: EW