WIll There Be A ‘One Tree Hill’ Season 10

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April 4, 2012

Ok, we created this page because people people continue to email us with the question if there’ll be One Tree Hill season 10. Unfortunately there won’t be, officially confirmed by the CW. On April 4th 2012. the CW will air the final episode of One Tree Hill.

There are numbers of Facebook pages and petition sites where fans are trying to spread the word in hope the CW will change it’s mind and decide for season 10 – so you might want Google that.





  • A7aaron

    happy Back on The cw Season 10 on Fridays 8pm

  • Felicia Eggert


  • Cody_thrasher

    it has to be done just make season 10 and put peyton and lucas in it 

  • http://www.facebook.com/ManOfTalent.Aka.NICC Dominic Wingate

    honestly the show should of eneded around season 6 or 7 to go to season 10 is just rediculous

  • http://www.facebook.com/ManOfTalent.Aka.NICC Dominic Wingate

    honestly the show should of eneded around season 6 or 7 to go to season 10 is just rediculous

  • Yamaha74

    yeah defo got to be one more, and to have lucas and peyton back in it!!

  • Cazz78

    one tree hill is the best there should defo be a season 10

  • stephanie rainwater

    hey we love one tree hill that is the best show ever was on the CW takes off other shows then put them back on like smallville so why yall cant one tree hill back on just do tis poeple that love one tree hill of the poeple thanks

  • Rachael Mckeown

    you have to make a season 10 because season 9 ended weird and it wud be nice if you brought lucas peyton baby sawyer and karen n lily bk for the 10th season

  • hank

    i gotta give the cast credit for sticking to the same show for almost a decade, this is one of the best shows i have ever watched and for sure my favorite high school drama tv show of all time

  • Annabells1mom

    they need to make a season 10 they finished season 9 with so many things unfinished…

  • http://www.facebook.com/REDRUM718 Cafaro Vince


  • http://www.facebook.com/REDRUM718 Cafaro Vince


  • Nikkid_18

    awww a love one tree hill please bring it bk :( i was the best thing on tv my full family watch it and all my friends wee all would love it to come bk ;( xx

  • Nikkid_18

    come on make nuber 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! every 1 wants it xx

  • leahbenton1

    please, please, please, please make a season 10!!!!! Do u know how many of your fans you will be letting down. This show is one of the best on earth!!!! So please bring it back, please. Make it a season to remember :)

  • Manos

    You must make a Season 10 where peyton, lucas and karen retutn to TH

  • Kd

    We don’t even watch Cw now oth over

  • Jenn.

    i hope its one of those comeback shows. when they do end the show, but the ratings and fans want more that they do come back.

  • Amel

    SEASON 10 PLEASE!!!!

  • saket

    need season 10 with return of lucas

  • http://www.facebook.com/candy.higley Candy Higley

    Me and my kids loved this show if u dont like it dont watch it just sayin !!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/candy.higley Candy Higley

    They have got to make a season 10 !!! We have to atleast see lucas and peyton and would luv to see all their kids growing up also !!!!!!

  • Silje

    Pleas season 10!!!!!!!! i need it!!!!!

  • linda

    love it!!!! amazing story line! you have to make season 10!

  • niki

    season 10 including peyton + lucas and baby and karen and lily… or if not a whole season a tribute final episode that goes for 60 mins like 3 years into the future with EVERYONE including lucas and peyton and karen n lily. that will bring in so much revenue!!!

  • kg2012

    i think that there should be season 10 because season 8 finished funny and i would like to esee lucas and peyton and baby sawyer to come back, because it feels ages since we last saw them. plus what i thought happened the end of season 9 is that jamie was playing basketball for the ravens

  • guerrero5

    that’s so dumb i even bought all 9 seasons so is you just give us a season 10 then i will not be so mad because then there will be a decade it would be more steady to end off on

  • True fan

    Bring the season back we need to know how Miley’s baby grows up and what the future holds for everyone else

  • khan


  • Jake345

    Give us 10!!!!!!

  • Alexander Fjodorov


  • Alexander Fjodorov

    we want it like air..

  • http://www.facebook.com/geoffrey.davis.50 Geoffrey Davis

    i have watched every season back to back and the show has inspired me so much i was on the verge of suicide and so i started to watch the show and every day since then i have felt so much better about myself even though i have lost alot of loved ones in my life i really loved the show so please CW keep one tree hill on the air for more seasons to come because i know that the seasons are not finished yet so please and may God bless you on upcoming seasons because i know CW will make the right decisions on airing more thank you Love from biggest fan Geoffrey Davis

  • cc

    season ten, because they only just bought logan into the show and we havent seen brooke and julians boys grow up, peyton and lucas arent back and jamie hasnt gone to high school or anything

  • RM

    We want season 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Magieca

    What if and it’s just a thought, CW can create a new show or a “spin of” for OTH and it will about the kids when they grow up in tree hill??
    i mean think of it, it will be Amazing, not just 10th season! no, a whole new show!
    And maybe they can call it “Two Tree Hill” =p

  • one tree hill fan

    You should make it on all the kids growing up and Lucas and Payton come back and milli and mouth… I would rate a 5 star.. Think about it CW.. I’d pay for a another season

  • Roksana

    One Tree Hill ist the best ever !!! :D . Please let it be more seasons !! :(

  • Crystalyn Fermin

    There should be a season 10,11 and 12 etc. because this show is to good to end

  • Mariah Mortensen 101

    if thier is not a season 10 of one tree hill i will be so upset it is my ultimet favorite tv show i love it so much it is to good to not have a season 10 you need to bring back lucas, payton, and sawyer i miss them it was a great swhow dont end it

  • Crystal Xiong

    One Tree Hills can not just end like that, it was kinda confusing. They have to make a season 10! AND Lucas and Payton have to be in there too. It’s nice to see them in One Tree Hills. I would be really sad if there wasn’t a season 10.I would love for everyone to stay in the show.

  • http://www.facebook.com/noway.hamood Noway Hamood

    i miss lucas and peyton how its end without them ??

  • Kaitlynne

    PLEASE make another season of One Tree Hill. I live for this show, it has inspired me & there is no other show like one tree hill. Please don’t take that away from me.

  • Sam

    They should do a tenth season and bring everyone back. There is no way that they did a final season and not have everyone back on…I believe they should continue on for years until their kids have kids

  • #treehillfan

    dont even know why you bothered to comment… GO AWAY!

  • Onetreehillfan

    Pleeeeease do a season 10!!!!!!

  • Norway fan!

    It must come a season 10 please!

    Everybody wants a new season

  • http://www.facebook.com/emilia.pesola Emilia Pesola

    please make a season 10 PLEASE I NEED ONE TREE HILL!!!

  • Mel

    Season 10!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Anees.Kunal Jai Harwani

    please!!! just make a season 10. i love this show.. i cant just let it go :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/Anees.Kunal Jai Harwani

    this show ha changed e.. made me a better person.. common.. i really really really really love this show.. ive read each and every comment..its says the same thing that im saying!

  • Elodie

    I love One tree hill please season 10 please please please !!!!!!!!

    Ps : Je suis francaise et la france aime one tree hill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thompson 18


  • jemal

    you to make a new one tree hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please!!!!!!!! i you dont i will!

  • michael

    why end something when the show is so strong dont understand

  • Jess

    please make season 10 because i was so looking forward in seeing little Jaime Scott all grown up. Also I wanted to see skills happy because his a good guys and he deserved someone. Also bring back Peyton and Lucas even if it’s only par-time. You need a a bad guy in the for Season 10 well why not bring back August Friend all messed up looking for revenge on Julian, Clay and Nathan for messing up his career. That would look good. Also why not have one of Brook’s boy dating Nathan’s daughter, will serve as a good family drama.

  • Jakyra Small

    There absolutely needs to be a season 10. The show is too good not to having one , & based on how much people want a season 10 to come out i can tell there are gonna be more viewers & a lot more ratings!! But if there is a season 10 Peyton, Lucas & baby Sawyer must be in it & the regular season 9 crew…
    P.S: Thanks for listening , & Have a nice day (:
    Sincerely, Jakyra <3

  • bob jr

    are you crazy you have to make a season 10

  • jen

    you should make a season 10 when karen and lilly come back and jamie and lilly go to tree hill together and ya

  • Ana

    I want 10th season!!!!

  • Kevin IV

    The fact that the show is over makes me extremely sad. It was such a great show. Please bring it back! Just do us all a favor..

  • camera man

    i love one tree hill and i want their to be a season 10 and 11 and 12 and 13

  • stephen

    You have to continue this show CW please cause what about two and a half men it went away and they brought it back please just think about the fans we support y’all and we all loved this show and we want more and we know the CW had there most popular hits off of one tree hill and right when you start up season 10 you know you have to continue the show for more seasons to come because your viewers charts and ratings would be outrageously high and off the charts because this show isn’t just good it inspires peoples lives it sounds crazy but it’s true so please CW please make the right decision.P.S one of your biggest fans .

  • Abbi Ware

    Please season 10!!! You cant end it with out Payton and Lucas. Its just not right.

  • RKel

    Please do a season 10, I am begging you.
    I love this series so so much and I miss all the charactors, I watch all the episodes from series 1-9 every month and season 10 with everyone back will be such a great finish

  • Assaber

    One three hill is a great success !
    I think that the 10th season has to be done because Mark Schwan is a clever producer and the actors too . It will be better if you add a season and others after that why not ! Nothing is impossible !

  • Kaylyn

    Please make an awesome season 10 and bring Payton and Lucas and baby sawyer back and we will stop asking

  • Lola

    One more season please

  • Kaylynb

    Ok so you make all these shows showing how realationships are tuff but you can still do it if you love is strong enough and life is tuff but you can do it cause it is always harder for others and give us hope an now your just going to let us down like that just at least do one more please you don’t want to let no one down cause that ending sucked and was not the right one

  • tina

    plz come back make season 10

  • Amel

    please make a season 10!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sabrina Schneider

    One tree Hill is one of the best shows ever! I always enjoy watching it! There should be a season 10, I also think the end of 9 wassn’t satisfying! I’ve been watching it the most I’ve could! So please, do us a favor! That would be great!!!!


    It has so many real life lessons in it.. it really hits home for a lot of us. . Please make a season 10.. I will never watch the CW ever again if they end it like this

  • Mtz

    I agree season 9 was not ended good. Would like to see payton n lucas. This got to be done and think how much viewers 33 will have!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000590665127 Aaron Leclair

    Keep On Season 10 Premires Fridays 11:00pm ET

  • http://www.facebook.com/marta.mielnik.7 Marta Mielnik

    Theres got to be a season 10. I have been watching this show since season one episode 1 and never stopped. I have seen every single episodes a dozen times. season nine was amazing and the last episode was even more amazing with the naley reunion. That part I watch over and over and every time because of how real and so emotional it was. One tree hill needs to have a season 10 its the best show out there. Please Im begging you

  • JonJon

    they need to have more than just one more season theres so many more things they could do! lucas and peyton need to come back also yall could start out where jamie is a freshman in highschool and nathan and lucas and skills coach him mouth has a baby on the way and clay just got his son back and brooke has twins you could have so many more season and everyone would stay interested.