WIll There Be A ‘One Tree Hill’ Season 10

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April 4, 2012

Ok, we created this page because people people continue to email us with the question if there’ll be One Tree Hill season 10. Unfortunately there won’t be, officially confirmed by the CW. On April 4th 2012. the CW will air the final episode of One Tree Hill.

There are numbers of Facebook pages and petition sites where fans are trying to spread the word in hope the CW will change it’s mind and decide for season 10 – so you might want Google that.

  • JonJon George

    The business is about making money look how many people want this show on its to great to stop. i realize everything has to end but not yet this show changes life and could atleast have 5 more seasons.

  • clara

    season 10 !!! I LOVE ONE TREE HILL!:d

  • Jasmine

    there should be a season 10 because i love on tree hill

  • Jasmine

    i’ve been watching one tree hill since it started it should be a season 10 because just about everyone loves this show

  • http://www.facebook.com/astou.sall1 Astou Sall

    Please please I love one tree hill you have to make season 10

  • laura

    plz make season 10 we luv one tree hill

  • Jamieeff

    You have to bring out a season 10 it doesn’t feel complete yet will be good to get the old stars bk as well hope they do

  • uggz

    please bring one tree hill back i beg please its my favioute program:(

  • brandi hess

    U have to make a tenth season.

  • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.imbornone Kyle Imbornone

    One three Hill must make every year 1 season

  • http://www.facebook.com/kyle.imbornone Kyle Imbornone

    They cant quit i love one. Three Hill

  • http://twitter.com/Carina_Arora Harreh?

    I think season 10 should be there.

  • Zayaan

    I would really be sooo over the moon if possible for season 10… I literally cried when i found out that season 9 was the last. One tree hill became my life and best friend. IT IS THEE BEST SERIES OF ALL TIME. The first series I ever found so much interest in.

  • playmate_amy

    Yes i believe there should be more seasons made, its an awesome show. I love it, i wished that as I was growing up my school life and the continuation afterwards was just like this show. The next baby I have if its a girl I’ve decided that I will name her Hayley after the role Bethany plays as she is the coolest character.
    Make more seasons bring Peyton and baby Sawyer back. Go on just do it.

  • Imarissa

    They have to make a season 10 and 11 and 12 its so disappointing when shows finish

  • Katie

    Make season 10 ! Contine the great and amazing work!!!!! Make your fans happy.

  • laura

    There have to be a season ten!! Indeed with Peyton and Lucas in it. Please!

  • Jocelyn barraza

    Season 10!!!!!????????

  • Bigvin Bigcent

    I am really happy for broke, she really changed the world.

  • Bigvin Bigcent

    Mark Schwahn
    Michael Tollin
    Brian Robbins
    Joe DavolaGuys what were you thinking? this show is not suppose to end, Awwww not really fair to me

  • soumik datta

    there should be a season 10 we all miss it a lot cause without a shadow of doubt it was the best show on tv

  • Sophie Davis

    There should be at least a 10th series, no one ever stops doing a series on an odd number that’s just rude CW better change their minds or i will fly to America and MAKE THEM!!

  • Erin Nelson

    One Tree Hill is the best show of all time. It ran the gambit of emotions, addressed controversial issues in a responsible manner while never compromising good entertainment. The fans need One Tree Hill back on the air we feel like part of our family is missing and the industry needs One Tree Hill back on the air as a standard by which to judge quality television.

  • Megzie

    Can’t believe that season 9 is the end of One Tree Hill. Been a good 9 years. One Tree Hill has taken me from primary school, through high school and finally to university. Going to rematch season 1-9 all the time!

  • Anna

    Anna from Polish
    You know I come from Polish. I’m years old . When I was about 14 maybe 15 years started with us in the first season of the televisin broadcast Forecast for love and you know what imparted some two ot three seasons. Every year , I waited for the holiday , but not because they are free from school just because that’s when we flew in Tree Hill . I loved this movie right away . The rest of the seasons I watched on the Internet . I just finished watching the last episode of season 9 and I’m missing all the characters especially Haley and Nathan <3 but Peyton and Lucas also missing . There fore as a fan , please Forecast for love 10 season . This video teaches so much . Please , if the person who played in the movie wanted the continue and you have the funds for this film is a Do 10 season.


  • Guest

    Please please you got to make a season 10 of one tree hill because it is the best series and i love it it is so good. The last episode ended so weird. I got inspired by the series

  • zoey

    you have to make a 10th season

  • marianne johnson

    please please make a season 10!!!! one tree hill was the best show ever!!!

  • sarah

    season 10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emily hives

    You guys have to make a season 10…11..12…13 and as many as it could go this show is so inspiring and emotional I cried in most scenes…but I also want to see jamie play basketball I know in the last season he beat nathans record but we need to see more of him and we need to see lilly…baby sawyer…logan…. lydia and so many other children grow up and I really want to see quinn and klay get married and mouth too..im just saying there are soo many scenes missing so you have to make a season 10 please I <3 this show….mark schwahn joe davola and the rest please think about it how many people are gonna be unhappy if you dont make another one….thanks

    A huge fan of one tree hill and I just love the cast

  • Darius Ttg

    you have to make a season 10 because lucas peyton and there baby sawyer and karen n her baby was not on season 7-9 so they should for season 10th

  • Jennifer Schimidt

    I agree with Rachael Mckeown, and we gotta see how the kids lives turned out,plus Mouth and Mille are gonna have a baby and we gotta see their baby it just can’t end that way

  • Jennifer Schimidt

    I’m a huge fan of this show, I watch it over and over again! I have watched every single season and this show has a bunch of fans and for it to end the way it did just isn’t cool…we gotta see Peyton and Lucas and their baby again,plus Mouth and Mille’s baby…and everyone else’s kids..come on please please please please!!SEASON 10,SEASON 10, SEASON 10……ETC!!!!

  • ernie__

    You just have to make another season, Season 10 so we can se when peyton and Lucas come back with there baby and that we can see when millie and mouth get there baby. It´s so great please dont end it………. keep doing it

  • meg

    plz plz plz plz make a season 10. u cant just end the show..if there was a dislike button i would hit it till u made a season 10.

  • Justin Timberlake

    season 10 please

  • AVeryHopefulOTHFan

    I know I’m late to comment on this but I just finished watching OTH on Netflix and that show it amazing. It truly is, it brings out the emotion in you. It’s like you watch them all grow and you see everything they went through and how they over came it. This show is too amazing to just end. There is so much left unsaid. Season 10 and so on is a must. If more seasons are made I can only imagine how great they’d be, especially if you bring back Peyton, Lucas, Sawyer, Karen, and Lily. Also, I want to see what happens with Jamie, Logan, Pregnant Millie & Mouth, Quinn and Clay, Brooke& Jullian and their sons, and Chase(I mean come on he is way to cute to be left single at the end, bring Mia or Alex back, or bring in a new girl for him, just make him happy!) So I’m asking with all the love that I have for OTH in my heart please make another season and maybe continue on with more. PLEASE! <3

  • steven

    it wouldnt be the same without dan… but please season 10 love the show

  • jolayne

    there should be a season 10 cause this is my favorite

  • Emily Heron

    How did I only just find out about this? I’m so disappointed :( I have 1-9 on box set and was hoping there would be another :(

  • danny percival

    I miss it so fucking much please make a series 10 and bring lucas n peyton back!

  • Crunions

    Please bring one tree hill back love Nathan and Hayley

  • Trevor

    I want to see Jamie be awesome at basketball like his dad was. I also want to see all the kids and babys grow up to be what they want to be.

  • Lauren Chadwick

    Pleaseeeeee Make A Season 10 I love this show I’ve watched all the seasons twice and its still not boring there HAS to be a season 10! & Defenatley with Lucas, Peyton &Baby Sawyer Back :D

  • vaby

    jus finished watching the final episode of the ninth season. would you believe it if i say i completed watching it in 6 days and had only slept for 2 nights.only one regret, how come i didn’t watch it before. bt here’s a request to CW, plz plz plz make the next season. and it would be more fun if luc and peyton in this season.

  • izzy

    I agree luke and peyton are the best and its my favourite programme I am literally the number one fan and I want to see millie and mouths baby

  • izzy

    You said it for me thats all how I feel and I nearly did commit suicide

  • izzy

    I know how the people on OTH feel ive been in the same situations

  • izzy

    SAME !!!!!!!!!