‘One Tree Hill’ Officially Renewed For Season 9!

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May 17, 2011

One Tree Hill is now officially renewed for season 9! What we know so far is that it’ll be airing midseason. Also, as of now, it’ll only be 13 episodes.

We will keep writing spoilers, news, and so on over the summer so please keep checking the One Tree Hill page for any updates that come along.

Excited? What do you hope to see in season 9? Comments are yours!

  • Winnie_cook

    woooooo cant waittt for it … love one tree hill i dnt want it to end

  • Kirstie N Klimisch

    I love one tree hill cant wait to season 9 :)

  • Ridzicharm

    more romance in between brooke and julian



  • Guest

    omfg… Hyley will die? O.o God, i finished watching the 8th season and I cried when Nathan went to his father.. God, I love OTH so much.. I watched 7 seasons only in one month.. I just couldn’t stop watching this.. It’s so…. so.. real.. Such real problems.. I want the 10th season, too.. When will be the premiere of the 9th season?

  • guest

    one tree hill is the best show ever…. hellcats is crap there trying to redo “bring it on” and put a more of a teenage touch to it… i’ve tried to watch it but honestly i’d rather watch paint dry, opposed to oth where i can watch anytime as it is timeless…. and they should so bring back peyton and lucas.

  • Bee

    So happy that they’ve been renewed but I really hoped for 10seasons. Never mind 9 is good too. I can’t wait and I’ve got goose bumps lol

  • Stephanie Armer

    I wanna see Lucas and Peyton back

  • vkohli

    yess cnt wait 4 season 9, but y sooo short. make it the normal 22-24 episodes

  • Guest

    Then why are you on this website :s…surely if you thought this you wouldn’t be interested in the likes of a new season being aired for this “stupid american show”. bit hypocritical dont you think?

  • Guest

    once again…..why are you on this website then!

  • Grigordol

    I want to see Painten and Luccass !! 

  • Fan

    it’s definetely not getting boring at all! it’s the most beautiful and truthful serie i have ever seen, it’s absolutely amazing and it’s ratings are the biggest proof of that!
    in my opinion the 9th season with be the perfect ending if peyton and lucas came back.. if not, i’ll still be happy and certain of an amazing season! whether this is the last season or not, you can keep count with me to watch you guys!
    keep up the amazing work :)

  • Nourcho08

    I wish lucas and peyton will be back in season 9!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reygunn33

    I want Lucas and Peyton back!! I love all the new characters like Julian and Quinn and Clay (and Alex,and everyone new that came in season 7 and 8!!) but I miss them!! They were such a huge part of the show in the early seasons and even season 6 (Lucas was like the main character in the beginning) and they didn’t even come back for Brooke and Julian’s wedding?! I know there probably not coming back, but I want them to soooo bad!! I want to ee little Sewyer!

  • latoy

    I want Lucas and Peyton to come oth for it final season of  the shown and without them it wouldn`t be the same for the finale cause everyone needs to say goodbye. 

  • Lch

    I hope to see Alex and Chase’s romance grow more in season 9 i also hope to see them become more important characters 

  • http://www.facebook.com/i.LaLaLurv.ME Rizzi Vargas

    OTH rocks! period.

  • http://www.facebook.com/i.LaLaLurv.ME Rizzi Vargas

    OTH rocks! period.

  • elly o’connor

    omg really yay so excited

  • guest

    i’m totally addicted on one tree hill, haves everything that i love: art,music and basket, for me is the best serie ever! so keep make more episodes

  • guest

    i’m totally addicted on one tree hill, haves everything that i love: art,music and basket, for me is the best serie ever! so keep make more episodes

  • guest

    i’m totally addicted on one tree hill, haves everything that i love: art,music and basket, for me is the best serie ever! so keep make more episodes

  • Silje

    Somebody please answer, WHEN is it coming? Read January, but that’s so loooong

  • Leanneclayton

    I would like to see Lucas and Peyton return for season  9!!! I love one tree hill is the best ever…..

  • Hunnibunni_lovee

    thats totally how i feel thank u one tree hill is an amazing show it teaches u that u can be a slut in high school and grow up to be an amazing person full of love and have an amazing job that u love or u could be a nerd in high school and grow up to a tv man full of wisdom or be a jerk and grow up to be thoughtful and ful of unselfish acts this to me has to be the best show ive ever watched i cant wait til season 9 and pray to god they reconsider and 1 day go to make a season 10 11 or even 12 this shows not stupid it inspires the uninspired it helps teens get on the right tracks for their lives

  • Hunnibunni_lovee

    when will season 9 start?

  • Britt

    One Tree Hill is my favorite show ever!!! I am a HUGE diehard fan and will never give up one it, no matter what happens, I havent been happy with some stuff that has happened throughout all 8 seasons, but im still there every monday/tuesday night at 7pm glued to that tv!!!! I am so very excited that there is another season and I hope this isnt the last one, there is SO much story that can still be told for years!!! This show is the most inspiring show I have ever watched…

    So in saying all that… I would LOVE to see Lucas and Peyton return for some episodes or AT LEAST the finale of the very last season. I would like to see Clay and Quinn get married or have a baby. I really dont want anyone to die, I would LOVE to see a happy ending for everyone!!! Lets bring back Karen and Lily, I would love to see Lily growing up and Karens face when she see’s her cafe reopened. I really want to see Whitey again, whether they run into him at the store or he comes to visit, I would just like to see him again. Jake and Jenny wouldnt have much to do with the show anymore but it would be fun to see Jenny all grown up and Jake happy. I think it would be kind of cool to have a Tree Hill High School reunion and that way we can see all the original Tree Hillers again ya know, that would be wonderful. Where did Deb disappear to? I would just love anything and everything you throw at us, because One Tree Hill will ALWAYS be number one and I will watch them over and over all of the time. Give us some suspense and surprises. Have sad, have happy. Make the season intense and fun and inspiring like you have done the past 8 seasons. Lets keep One Tree Hill going!!!!

  • Smith69

    i love one tree hill:) btw @Grigordol:disqusyou spelt peyton wrong hahahahahaha how long have you been watching oth for again? lol

  • http://www.facebook.com/nrfauntleroy Nicki Fauntleroy

    Lucas and Peyton returning with thier baby girl Sawyer would be great to a completed 9th season. Especially with Brooke finally having her baby as well!

  • Onetreehill

    OTH is not getting boring. I would agree that the 5th and 6th season were less interesting than the others but bringing new characters to the show they really got back on track. Nobody can disagree by saying that Clay and Quinn are fun, their relationship lets you enjoy more and more One Tree Hill. Plus this show is more about morals and real life than all other stupid superficial tv shows. From the beginning it is known for that. Don’t you remember how Lucas used to say at the beginnig and end of every episodes a quote. It is made to teach some things that you are not aware of, how life can be. It lets you know that everyone passes by difficulty in life but we always have to fight it and keep on in life and in the end everything is gonna be alright. Look how Brooke got her babies at the end, even twins.
    That’s the whole point of One Tree Hill.


    one tree hill season 9.. cant wait, so excited tht the have a season 9, would be devasated if no season was there…. anyways season 9 HAS TO FUCKING HAVE LEYTON!! PLEASEEE<3

  • Rap_rosita

    i hate you

  • Rap_rosita

    FUCK YOU MAN. One Tree Hill is AWESOME

  • Maggie Werts

    peyton and lucas come back :))

  • courteney

    i love one tree hill it great
    hope in season 9 everyone  who is in it will be happy.

  • courteney

    i love one tree hill it great
    hope in season 9 everyone  who is in it will be happy.

  • Guest

    I don’t! =( haha i like it better without their unneccessary drama

  • http://twitter.com/ChenNiMeiLi jennifer

    I hope no one dies. That’s it.

  • Lisbeth W 90

    I’ll hope they will make a season 10 too :)

  • Bille81773

    I want to see Lucas and Peton again in season 9 :D 

  • Blackrose-81

    i am very sad to see my favourite tv show has an end.i feel that every character in this tvcity is a part of me.and i can feel them all…

  • Kaitelynn14

    I love this show..It makes my tuesday nights.. I hope this show doesnt end so soon.. Im a JR. in high school and it helps me get through all the drama in my life.. Even if the show does go off i will always remember what the show tought me..

  • sezloulou

    One Tree Hill is still really good. And I love Hellcats I would love a Second season of that. 

  • Star_dust

    does anyone know when the season 9 starts?

  • Munkai

    yaaaay! mouth is soo awsome on his speach on the rivercourt! and im sooo happy quinn is funny again :D

  • andrea

    so when will one tree hill season 9 start.??? cause i wanna watch it.!!:D

  • cybz

    i hope peyton and lucas will be back. even just 1 or 2 episode.. i miss them. oth havent been the same since they left. :( 

  • gglover<3

    i hope they can bring peyton and lucas back

  • Elise Earnshaw

    I love OTH and I am so thankful that there is going to be a season 9. I could watch the OTH characters forever. Especially Brooke I love her!

    BTW – if you dont have anything postive to say dont bother saying anything at all. Everyone is entitled to thier opinions but why bother saying things that builds animosity and hate.

  • Adriana23

    Can’t wait to c the new season!!! I hope!!! Lucas & payton come back!!!!! Just for the season. Please get Lucas & payton back!??

  • willow

    We definitely need  to see the return of Lucas,Peyton & Sawyer to season 9, it just wouldn’t be complete without them!

  • Sxcbabeee

    if you dont like one tree hill then stay off the page and dont ruin it for true fans. And your pretty stupid to be wasting your time writing on these websites when people couldnt care less what you think

  • othfanalways!!!

    I rlly want peyton and lucas back!!!!

  • i love one tree hill

    i total agree

  • i love one tree hill

    whenever i would watch something i would write something or do something thats not realating to the show but when i wached one tree hill it was the best thing ever

  • othforever

    i agree. i will be gutted when it’s over seriously one of the best tv shows ever, morals and captures everything about life <3

  • Mrs Christian2508

    if they bring back lucus and peyton i will contiue to watch the seasons over and over and over again i lo ve it =)

  • blahblah

    “ah ah it’s like your religion, your drug! I can imagin you are stuck in front of your TV all the time to follow your stupid american shows. these shows are produced to make you even more stupid that you already are, it is literally making your brain capacity decrease !” 
    You’re an idiot. You talk about tv shows making people less intelligent, although you can’t spell imagine. You google programmes to write negative comments about the show and the viewers. So excuse us One Tree Hill fans who sit in front of the tv once a week for an hour to watch a show which we enjoy and makes us happy, and have no one said on the page it was their religion, while you waste your time on the computer finding ways to make people hate you. You’re the idiot wasting your time.

  • Cudder_

    I wish they’d bring back Lucas and Peyton. For at least the last season. Not make it to dramatic, let it fall into place for a completely intreeging ending as it deserves. I’ve watched every season of OTH and I’ve noticed it fell short after they left. Everything was different. My LIFE changed because of OTH. I found myself liking the same music, interested in the same things. Especially Peyton, she was my idol.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t want season 9 to be the finale. Please extend it :)

  • Vikkywigins89

    i love one tree hill

  • Vikkywigins89

    i love one tree hill

  • Vikkywigins89

    i love one tree hill

  • treehill

    omg man wat is rong with u, tree hill is amazing n i wish it went on 4ever till like the 20season.  its sooo gd n never gets boring

  • vkohli

    cnt wait, but y only 13 episodes :(

  • guest

    I personally love OTH and always have, i just believe it has became a totally different show since probably season 5/6 they all unrealistically became rich and random houses that were never there in the first 4 seasons keep poping up. i just hope season 9 brings back some of the original themes which made OTH the show that it is. I’m not saying that i don’t still love it, i just want some of the old OTH back. I would love for Lucas & Peyton, Karen,and even like Jake, Rachel, Tim and Bevin and maybe even Sam to come back in to it, it would make the final season to be amazing. Also i think they should bring it back in like a couple of years time, like following the younger generation in tree hill, like Jamie, Maddison, Chuck amd Andre, similar to 90210 returning.

  • http://twitter.com/SweetHeart2756 Gloria Job

    wow like all these comments r like about the whole hellcats vs one tree hill thing n really i dont get y?? anywayz i think that in season 9 that lucas n peyton should come back!! :D <3 i mean tell me im not the only one who really misses them being on the show! rite? :)

  • Dirtyblond122094

    I think one tree hill in a great show i’ve been watching it for years. I love it. I hope lucas and peyton come back  for the last season along with lilly scott and sawyer scott. Also,i hope they make a next generation of one tree hill with all newer characters it would have alot ore people watching and i think it would be great i wouldnt stop watching it.

  • Dirtyblond122094

    You mean there wont be a season 2 for hellcats

  • Tasaras96

    i would like to see peyton and lucas on season 9

  • onetreehillfanforever

    i hate you

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001064169557 John Daniel

    rape me

  • courteney

    one tree hill is the best. and if you like one tree hill then comment on my website it is

  • Irenoosh

    It will NEVER be boring! 

    I`m addicted to it and I cant wait till this season will be on TV!

  • laetitialeigh

    imsoooooooooooooo excited to see it i think ill die when it ends though!!!

  • Charlotte

    I can’t wait to see how Clay and Quinn’s story plays out in the next season! Hoping they’ll get married and it’ll be great to see Brooke and Julian have  family and see it grow up!! SO EXCITED!! :)

  • Crazygirlhasarrived

    I love one tree hil =) i cant wait for it to start back up

  • jarheadA.

    man i love one tree hill!!!! its the best show ever!!!

  • jj

    f up u ugly cunt