‘One Tree Hill’ Officially Renewed For Season 9!

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May 17, 2011

One Tree Hill is now officially renewed for season 9! What we know so far is that it’ll be airing midseason. Also, as of now, it’ll only be 13 episodes.

We will keep writing spoilers, news, and so on over the summer so please keep checking the One Tree Hill page for any updates that come along.

Excited? What do you hope to see in season 9? Comments are yours!

  • Buzybee217

    my only issue with a season 9 is that i thought season 8 ended so perfectly with Jamie running across the bridge like Lucas used too. I love OTH and would love to see another season but the ending was perfect. Brook finally got a family, “Karen’s Cafe” is back with Hailey running it. I don’t know if a season 9 ending would end so perfect. 
    And before people start hating that i’m not a true fan or whatever, i have been watching it since it first came on tv. i am a true fan who truly appreciated the ending!

  • Kandii_d1amondz69

    i love one tree hill I LIVE FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kandii_d1amondz69@hotmail.com

    i  cannot wait for season 9 !!!!

  • amyr66





  • SeeShelleyAnne8

    I have been watching the show since it started. I got busy n missed a lot but i just watched all the seasons all over again. Tonights season finale was awesome but the ending scene felt more like a series finale. I hope there is a season 9. Can’t wait!! Oh n I have never even heard of Hell Cats ??

  • Ambersmail82

    i feel that if you do not like where the show is going or you think it is boring then just do not watch it there is no reason to complain about it

  • April Everett

    Does anyone know when the first episode for season 9 will air on tv?  I’ve been looking around and I can’t find any info for it even on the cw channel.  I know all  the other ones usually start in September and I haven’t seen anything on it yet.

  • April Everett

    Does anyone know when the first episode for season 9 will air on tv?  I’ve been looking around and I can’t find any info for it even on the cw channel.  I know all  the other ones usually start in September and I haven’t seen anything on it yet.

  • Dandaman__1

    this show is my drug. it will never get bad! unless they change the actors,  the characters, the story lines, and the writters. so basically, if it was a whole nother show altogether. ie: 2 and a half men :p

  • Lisamakarrall

    i love oth and i can wait for season 9 to start. speaking of when does it start its got to be soon right? i am also a fan of hell cats but more so of oth. i think they both good shows and can not wait for them both to start. i have been a really big fan of oth since the very beginning i and i really hope they can keep going on with it even after the 9th season. even if they have to start all over with all new characters i would love to see this show stay on air

  • X2010mrw

    I would like to see Luke and Payton some back for this season…..if this is definitely the last season it wouldn’t be an ending without a reunion of luke and payton

  • Frog7472

    brooke get pregnant and i want hellcats to return please……. OTH and Hellcat are my two favorite shows

  • Richard

    i cant wait 4 season 9 i love this show!!

  • Noahshlomi1

    no its not i dont know how they does that but it is still very interesting!!!!!
    by the way what is going on with hellcats??

  • Noahshlomi1

    same hare!!!!!!

  • http://twitter.com/jevousaime08 reynadel f. bautista

    I’m really exited for season 9.. Hoping to watch it soon…

  • mynameisjoy

    that’s feel class faggot

  • Fsd

    i cant wait any longer for it, when will it be published??

  • Marilynmonoroe07

    i want to see Luke and Paton come back with there little girl. i would love to see some of the original cast member to come back.

  • Slim101

    OTH will never get boring. I own all seasons . And enjoy having my own marathon on boring weekends. True Fan

  • Lindsay

    I want all the old people back and the new people in it .

  • Danielle

    Do you know when the new season starts

  • Danielle

    Does anyone know when the new season starts on the CW

  • Terra

    So ready for this season!

  • Mpappas74

    i want more then just 13 episodes!

  • Heyitsmedj

    They, Need to bring Payton, Lucas and Sawyer back.

  • Kaneyney98


  • OTHfan

    so so sos ososososososososoooooooooooooooo exciteddddddddd
    this show saved my life.

  • True_Fan

    One Tree Hell you suck…..naaaa jk You know we all love you. Just get on TV already. The suspense is killing me.

  • Srq421

    How can fans influence the continuing of one tree hill? I love it! I HATE that this is the last season :( 

  • Dolladollabekah5

    umm one tree hill is the BEST! I would like die without it just saying so you all that are hating you can just shut up 

  • a little sawyer

    one tree hill is the best serie ever
     has inspired me since the beggin

  • Shae Davis18

    i absolutely love this show. One Tree Hill is great and your crazy to think its boring because this show if you actually pay attention it can teach you alot on life and love and how important they both are this show tought me to be a great wife to my now husband and has tought me how important my family is even if we dont get along. so im soooo glad that there is going to be a season 9 i hope this show keeps resigning for season 10, 11,12,13…… and so on. and im also glad that the characters havent changed..

  • Guest

    I agree with you.  I would have rathered Hellcats get renewed for at least one more season.  One Tree Hill is getting a little old.

  • Guest

    I think this comment is a little rude.  It’s like your saying TV is America, and thats just wrong.  Just because an individual does not like American Television which for the most part does not have any substance, and mainly goes for the sho ck effect on its viewers.  ANyways thats a different story and had nothing to do with this board.  My point is that that comment seems pretty full of hatred and to be honest you shouldn’t dislike someone simply because they disagree with you.  The world would be so boring if we all saw eye to eye.

  • guest

    I this is still guest.  I meant to add that I mean no offense to you but that is my interpretation of your message.

  • Iheartlucas

    You are definitely not a one tree hill fan. One Tree Hill is still amazing as it was from day one and I think that season 9 definitely should not be the final season!!! 

  • tlc

    OTH the last and final season oh tear I will truly be crying when it ends hopefully they wrap it up good as they did a good job with the final season of the OC

  • Miss_shortiee93

    One tree hill is my fav TV show i don’t think there should be an ending it should just keep adding seasons on :) I wonna see Payton and Lucas move back to One tree hill with there baby girl :)

  • Anonymous

    I agree, my english has been approved by it. I also like their music played during episodes, and I like to your quotes from OTH to help other people, or just for my amusement.
    OTH surely is inspiring.

  • ImmaBeastOTHFAN

    okay so “Shenximaud” if its so boring then why are you on this page get off!

  • Lilmissb0ss

    Bring back payton, locus and baby!!

  • Jinioz

    would LOVE to see Lucas and Peyton come home…

  • Millskiki

    I can’t wait till one tree hill 
    Its my fav show

  • Hectorcooper1

    i have not seen any of the new ones?? can anybody tell me wat channel??


    sorry to say but hellcats was bori watch it and did not like it. Oth is awsome and really before they cancel it they shoyld bring lucas and peyton back for the last season

  • Tristad12

    In season nine I would like to see the return of peyton and lucas and their daughter! I miss them!

  • Jonas-tennis

    even if i think OTH is boring, i must watch the season 9

  • Jonas-tennis

    even if i think OTH is boring, i must watch the season 9

  • Frankiestocker

    i think its nathan,lydia,jamie or quinn if shes identifying the body and it says nathan only gonna be there for half the season!:O:O

  • Anjelica

    I would like to see Peyton, Lucas, and Sawyer come back on the show to

  • Amberh78

    OTH is the best n a think thy shld bring bck Lucas n peyton even if it’s fur 1 episode and also a think thy shld make a season 10 n bring bck al original characters as the finale wld b GREAT !!! Al use out thr tht say it’s borin no1 is forcing use 2 wtch it !!!

  • oth#1fan

    Lucas And Peyton To Come Back

  • loveonetreehill4life

    Okay if you like Hellcats go watch it but i love one tree hill and it will never be boring, if you don’t like it don’t watch it.

  • Luky_lou

    well said u go girl!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ana23

    I miss the old one tree hill with all the original characters, but i still think it’s a good show!

  • Sweet_summer_30

    I love OTH and am looking forward to another season even if it’s just a partial one. These characters are so inspiring. The music, amazing….. so glad to have gotten to know it all!

  • Christie_igbo

    pls its there goin to be a new generation of one tree hill?since jamie is falling for madison,can they grow up to be in love and have other friends like lucas,brooke,nathan,haley and peyton did?

  • Ross-E

    One tree hill is an inspiration to me, my ex girlfriend told me to watch it with her once .. So I did and now I can’t get enough I have watched seasons 1-8 around 4 times and can’t wait for the oth collection to be complete with season 9. It will most certainly be a shame to see the end of oth, but I’m glad they made their show t begin with. One tree hill . Voted amazing ! Don’t die. U rule the e4 channel . Does anyone know a date for the release of season 9 ep 1

  • guest

    you needa get a life too , same with me and same with anyone who writes on these LOL

  • guest

    ppl are fans cause they think the show is good, if its not good than they dont need to waste their time and they can find better shows like game of thrones or dexter for example

  • Vhg

    the best reason to watch this show is because of how hot sophia bush is

  • Wgibb

    when does one tree hill series 9 start in the uk ??

  • oth lover

    cant wait for season 9! still the best show ever and always will be!!!

  • sarah jane

    amazing!!!! i grew up with this show…and i literally cried when i heard this is going to be the last season :(

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000015092380 Cheyenne Fay Angell

    Does Anyone know the name of the song that Jana Kramer’s character Alex Dupre sings at Tric in season 8 No: 171 Episode 19 because I can’t find it anywhere and I REALLY like it :) If you know it, could you please email the link or the name of it to ‘zanessa4eva18@hotmail.com please.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Demi-Downie/100001433447851 Demi Downie

    i want to see lucas ,peyton and sawyer back and also would like to see jake and jenny aswell love oth :D but when does the new season come back on in scotland ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Demi-Downie/100001433447851 Demi Downie


  • Anne

    Can’t wait for season 9 of OTH

  • Annemills

    Cant wait for season 9 of OTH

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait for season 9 of OTH.

  • Jennifer

    Im going miss the 9 season of one tree hill the ppl doing the characters miss that so much everything about it emoitions it will be sad for a while it is one of the best of the shows that i like so much an it wont be on no more haley an nathan inspired me alot wit the ups an the downs that they have which i going to miss and the great kids that they have …… clay and quinn they are one of the best couples an he posped to her and he has is son they are going to be a family now going miss that so much an brooke an julain and there twins they are awsome an great parents and the best friends there wont be others like all of them

  • Guest

    I want Clay and Quintin to have a baby :)

  • Hannah Scott

    It’s weird to think that one tree hill has actually ended. I am desperate for there to be a tenth season. From episode 10-13, I cried and cried because honestly..one tree hill has been a major part of my life. I can’t put into words how thankful I am mark schwann. I am devistated that we didn’t get to see Peyton, sawyer and Karen in the last episode but I guess it would of made it even harder to watch. I am actually gutted and I feel incredibly sad as the show ends. I remind myself that it is just infact a tv series and that nayley doesn’t really exist in real life. Thank you to all the OTH cast and crew members. You have made six years of my life amazing.