‘One Tree Hill’ More About What’s Coming Up In Season 9

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September 20, 2011

Check out more spoilers on what’s coming up in season 9 of One Tree Hill!

  • What can we expect from this last season of One Tree Hill? Well Tyler Hilton tells E!Online that creator Mark Schwahn is going all out.

“One of the reasons why I am such a fan of this last season is because Mark said that last season he thought it might be the last season, so he ended it the way fans wanted it to end. This season he knows it is going to be the last season, and since he already kind of gave the fans their season last time, he said that he really wants to make this season what he wants. He said that since the show is done after this season, he has no one to impress, he can just do whatever he wants.”

  • I previously revealed that Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) returns to Tree Hill after Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) reaches out for help. I also mentions that a major character is getting *i**a***d (kidnapped?) so I’m guessing that that is what Haley will be reaching out for.
  • Massi Furlan will play the role of Zoran, a Serbian hitman in episode 6.
  • Lucas comes back in episode 7 and only interacts with Haley and Jamie, and he takes Lydia back home with him. Peyton is mentioned, but no reason as to why she’s not with him.
  • There is no word on Hilarie Burton returning to Tree Hill but looks like there are some scheduling problems. Here’s what Sophia Bush (Brooke) tweeted yesterday

“I really was hoping for a #BrookePeyton reunion on #OTHS9 but Hil is shooting a movie right now & the schedules totally conflict. Boo.”

  • Nathan’s story line this season is dramatic. Since Nathan (James Lafferty) is going MIA, he’s taking an unintentional vacation to Europe which I guess will explain his absence in some episodes.
  • I’m hearing that Haley will do something that lands Dan (wrongly) in the police station, but ultimately they’ll team up.

What do you think about all Lucas taking Lydia with him? Nathan’s storyline? Sad that Peyton won’t be back? Comment away!

  • Melrose6414

    I think that if someone were to get kidnapped, I’d like it to be Nathan. I mean we know he’s got money, donut would
    Make sense for someone to nab him. Plus that could be what’s up with Haley. And it would be nice to see Dan save his son. I Aldo think that Julian would make a very very funny captive. I’m pissed that Lucas doesn’t See Brooke or Nathan or Dan. And I’m upset that there’s not Peyton return.

  • Melrose6414

    They also could have explained his absent that way instead..or it could be chase! He did go off to war..

  • zai

    can nathan stay?? i don’t want to see him go away.. it would be a great  loss in the show..

  • KaraGrace

    that’s crap that “Hil” can’t even make it back?!?!? she should blow off that movie and come back to the show that actually made her famous!!! >:( i mean it can be just one episode… is that too much to ask? i mean really! what a princess saying she can’t come cause due to scheduling issues!!! it pisses me off that it didn’t occur to her that the fans of One Tree Hill actually matter? i mean if your’re not going to come back to it then why would you sign up for the job, take it, then leave and not even come back? even the less important characters have the decency to come back even for like 5 minutes of show time. that is BS she can’t come back. just another reason to hate the actress that plays Peyton >:(

  • Jen

    why the hell is lucas taking Lydia with him?