‘One Tree Hill’ Guess Who’s Visiting Tree Hill In Season 9?

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July 17, 2011

Keep reading to find out some spoilers on which old cast member will be returning in season 9 of One Tree Hill.

Tyler Hilton who plays Chris Keller, (yes the singer/songwriter and homewrecker) will be back. And that’s not all, he will be a series regular. Last we’ve seen Keller was in season 4 and since then, 10 years have passed in Tree Hill. What do you think happened to him in those 10 years? Is he rich and famous? Rumor has it that he’s back to help Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti) with Red Bedroom Records. He’ll first appear in the season 9 premiere and apparently he’s got a gun in his hand.

Do you think that Chris Keller will be a changed man or still stuck with his old habits? Are you excited to see him back in Tree Hill? Comment away!

Sources: TVLine, Zap2it

  • Me4472

    o wow, this is gonna be funn

  • Nothing

    noooo he was annoying!!!! Don’t ruin our last season!!

  • Roni_brat

    Loved Chris Keller character.. He was truly funny