Chad and Hilarie To Return In One Tree Hill Season 8

The plan is for Chad and Hilarie to be back in Tree Hill this season. Read the rest of One Tree Hill spoilers from E! below;

The original plan was to have the happy family (baby in tow) return for Brooke's two-episode wedding, during OTH's original 13-episode order. But now that six additional scripts have been picked up, the Scott clan's return may happen later.

Rveryone over on One tree Hill is game for a Leyton return. If schedules don't work [for Brooke's wedding], maybe they'll bring back Chad and Hilarie at a later date.

"If we get a full season maybe at the end of the journey, but those two characters are a big part of this world. We've talked about it, and there seems to be interest from all sides."

About bringing back Karen (Moira Kelly) and other faves, Mark simply stated

"We've never parted ways with anyone with any animosity. We've had such a large cast and we've been on for so long, but there's not one actor that is not invited back or unwilling to come back."