Austin Nichols Talks About One Tree Hill

Check out the interview TV Guide had with Austin Nichols!

You can check out the interview here!

In other OTH news, Stephan Colletti (Chase) is on board for season 9 (IF OTH gets renewed). He says

"They have me if they want me because I am locked in. I already have a deal with them."

He later adds,

"I feel like One Tree Hill is a show that deserves a farewell season. And I would hope that the network would give us and the fans that because this is mainly for the fans. And then we could figure out how to finish the show with some closure."

As for Sophia Bush (Brooke), she is as anxious to find out about the renewa as us fans are.

"Everyone is hotly anticipating the announcement of whether or not a season nine is going to be happening."

Source: E!Online