Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Wolf Profiling, Anita, Emma & Hook, Plus Much More!!

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Wolf Profiling, Anita, Emma & Hook, Plus Much More!!

Tonight's episode of Once Upon A Time, "Child of the Moon", will focus on Ruby's wolfy dilemma as the full moon hits Storybrooke. Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz and Meghan Ory preview tonight's exciting installment and spoil that it will be a 'very bad day' for Ruby. They also hint at more romance for Hook and Emma, while the dwarfs have some luck on the magical portal front.

TVLINE | [Show bosses] Eddy [Kitsis] and Adam [Horowitz] told me going into the season that of all the newly self-aware Storybrooke residents, Ruby would have perhaps the biggest identity crisis. Does that come to a boil this Sunday?

Yes, definitely! [Laughs] It’s not a very good day in Ruby’s life.

TVLINE | And why is that?

It starts right off the bat with her being stressed out about the full moon, because she has no idea what’s going to happen. She’s had her wolfy senses coming back over the last couple episodes and she doesn’t know if she’s going to turn or not.

TVLINE | Regardless, all eyes are on her when someone turns up brutally murdered. Can you say who dies?

I don’t think you want me to say who dies; that’s the fun part. But yeah…. Because there’s a wolf in town, they go right for the wolf.

TVLINE | That seems like a nasty bit of profiling.

I know, right? This is not CSI.

TVLINE | Meanwhile in fairytale land, you have a storyline with guest star Annabeth Gish. How does she fit into Red’s past?

She plays Anita, who is very mysterious and very sexy. Her costume is kind of amazing, and people will be very excited to see her in this episode. She comes along during Red’s time of need, as we pick up about a month after where [Season 1, Episode 15] “Red-Handed” left off. Red’s still trying to deal with the fact that she killed Peter — and not doing it very well. Anita turns out to be just like Red, and is the leader of a pack of wolves that’s also human.

TVLINE | Is she like your Obi-Wan Kenobi? She shows Red the ropes? How to properly clean up after a turn?

Yes, exactly. She teaches me to check when I have a bit of someone left in my teeth.

TVLINE | Also this week, the dwarfs dig up something that could prove helpful in creating a portal….

The portal storyline is very interesting… I can’t say a lot about it but there are a lot of questions that are answered this episode, right from the get-go. A lot of stuff happens. It’s a crazy episode!

TVLINE | Is anything happening for Ruby on the romantic front?

You’d think men would be banging down her door. Well, the last time she was in love, she ate her boyfriend, so… I don’t know that she’s really open to going down that road again! But I’m very curious to see how she deals with that because at some point somebody will come knocking and she’ll have to decide if she wants to open the door or not.

TVLINE | Maybe the new character to be played by Ethan Embry…?

Hey, you never know. He’s playing a new guy in town… but I haven’t worked with him yet.

TVLINE | And how would you characterize Ruby’s relationship with Charming?

I think they have a very special relationship, because of Red’s relationship with Snow. I see Charming as a sort of brother figure to her. He’s the younger brother sometimes, and sometimes he’s the older brother. I like when they write that.

TVLINE | What is coming up in the other storylines?

We are going to find out more about the romance between Emma and Hook, which is very interesting.

TVLINE | There you go — Hook. Point Ruby at the new bad boy once he hits town.

Yes, yes….. There are all these new dudes around that potentially she could hook up with!