Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Titles For The Next 6 Episode Revealed, Plus Scoop!!

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February 25, 2013

Once Upon A Time’s Co-EP’s, Horowitz and Kitsis, are all about the cryptic teases and spoilery reveals. Over the past few days the two have been busy dropping scooplets our way with the upcoming titles for the next 6 episodes, as well as a couple of awesome plot teases.

Episode 15 ~ “The Queen Is Dead”
Episode 16 ~ “The Miller’s Daughter”
Episode 17 ~ “Welcome To Storybrooke“
A flashback to the 80′s, when the our fairytale characters first arrived in Storybrooke, which will bring the return of Jamie Dornan‘s Sheriff Graham.

Episode 18 ~ “Selfless, Brave and True“
Eion Bailey will return in this episode to continue with the story of his mysterious varnishing vanishing act earlier this season.

Episode 19 ~ “Lacey“
Episode 20 ~ “The Evil Queen”