Once Upon A Time Spoilers: The Dish On Dr. Whale, Plus Revealing Behind The Scenes Photos!

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October 4, 2012

I have a round-up session for Once Upon A Time’s mysterious Dr. Whale~David Anders. The Vampire Diaries alum has found a home in Storybrooke, but who is he in fairytale world. Anders has spoiled that in episode 5, “The Doctor”, all things Dr. Whale will be revealed and teases that it will “knock [our] socks off.”  Here’s the rest of the dish we know on D. Whale.

  • Whale will have an intense backstory with Regina~Lana Parrilla that we will learn more about in Episode 5.
  • David Anders claims fans will never guess who he is.
  • The writers have been planting clues since day one.
  • The dramatic behind-the-scenes images below show Whale taking a cooler to, or from Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin’~Robert Carlyle shop. There’s blood on his shirt and Anders is wearing a green-screen armband, which he keeps hidden in several photos.

I need to know what you think Oncers! Who is Dr. Whale?!
Source: Wetpaint
Photo Credit: Vancity Filming