Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Storybrooke, Captain Swan, Gold And Much More!!

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Storybrooke, Captain Swan, Gold And Much More!!

Once Upon A Time producers Adam Horowizt and Edward Kitsis have created a completely captivating world of fairytale awesome. As season 3 approaches fans have a lot to look forward to as Once kicks it up a notch with our heroes separated and a dangerous new enemy in Neverland. Kitsis and Horowitz promises a prominent Storybrooke story line, romance and danger. In addition, season 3 will be divided equally, with 11 episodes in the Fall and 11 in the Spring, which will be approached as 2 seasons. Each 11 episode block will ideally run back to back with no break, or reruns

"Fear not, the characters left behind in Storybrooke are not forgotten and what's happening to them is important," executive producer Adam Horowitz promises. "Hopefully all the story lines will coalesce in a way the audience will enjoy." Among them is the fate of Neal, who landed back in fairy-tale land. Unfortunately, though, "Emma is on that ship believing Neal is dead and then there's Neal, who just said, 'I love you,'"

“I think you can say it’s pretty much a direct pickup,” said Horowitz of where Once Upon a Time Season 3 will start. “I think that what you saw at the end of the finale is the jumping off point.” Watch for our good and bad characters to have to work together to get Henry back in Neverland.
For the Captain Swan fans out there: is there hope for romance to blossom? “The thing I like about Captain Hook in the finale is he started to look back on his life and he was like, ‘maybe I’ve wasted it.” So here you’ve got a guy who wants a new chance,” Kitsis said, reminding us that - at least at the start of the season - Emma believes that Neal is dead.

Back in Once Upon a Time Season 1, it was established that Gold “is a difficult man to love and that is his character,” said Kitsis. “I think for all these characters, I know it was supposed to break the curse and return their happy endings [but] they’re still in search of their happy endings.”
Gold will still be torn between good and evil in the new season, Kitsis and Horowitz said, and that includes, perhaps, having to decide to do with his grandson, Henry, who he knows has been said to be his ultimate undoing.

“It’s going to be another challenge in their relationship,” Horowitz said of Gold being on the ship on its way to Neverland and Belle being left behind. Are all the magic beans gone now? Horowitz and Kitsis took a moment before answering with a simple “Yes.”

Will we see more of Emma’s magic? Horowitz joked that she’ll be getting a show in Vegas but
“She’s going to ask the question, why do I have magical capabilities, what does it really mean to be the savior and we’re going to dive a lot deeper into Emma’s character and we’re going to see a lot more of her past like we did this year.”

Source: TV Fanatic, TV Guide