Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Snow White’s Mother Cast For A Surprising Backstory

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January 16, 2013

Once Upon A Time producers have tapped General Hospital alum, Rena Sofer to play Snow White’s mother, Queen Eva. As Queen Eva is deceased in present day, we will only see her in flashbacks and is currently slated to appear in one episode, set for early March.

Executive producer Adam Horowitz confirms that Queen Eva has a “surprising connection to someone else in our world.” If your first guess is Cora — since it seems likely that the Evil Queen’s evil mother may have had a hand in Queen Eva’s death — you may be in for a treat. “That would be a feud that goes back so long,” executive producer Edward Kitsis says. But what you may find more interesting? “You would think it would be easy to be Snow White’s mother, but perhaps Snow White wasn’t always Snow White,” Kitsis says.

Source: TV Guide