Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Snow And Emma Find A Direct Line To Storybrooke

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October 31, 2012

In an upcoming episode of Once Upon A Time, our newly reunited, but separated Charming family will find a way to communicate in-between worlds. However, like most things in the magical world it will come with a price and ‘great risk’.

“They find a direct line of communication that requires a great risk,” Ginnifer Goodwin says. “There’s something very tragic about the fact that the risk that’s taken is potentially a great sacrifice that is made in order to get Emma and Snow White home. There’s something really beautiful about the selflessness that is necessary to communicate.”

Source: TV Guide

  • evilqueen

    I think i’ve got it. People under the sleep enchantment enter a dream realm where they can communicate with one another (henry and aurora were under the spell at the same time last season). Thats how emma and snow will be able to communicate with storybrooke. Aurora will volunteer to have another sleep enchantment placed on her, hoping that when philip is finally cured, he’ll come for her (not a bad idea actually, who knows how long that will take and now that time isnt frozen anymore, she wont want him waking up to find his lover in her 60s). The volunteer on the storybrooke end will be easier. Im sure with a baby at home, cinderella wont mind getting a few hours of deep sleep and her prince will be there with true loves kiss to wake her. Being the avid and slightly creepy collector that he is, im sure good ol rumple was able to get his hands on the leftover poisoned apple tart that put henry to sleep. Probably in his freezer somewhere (waste not, want not, and magic is magic). Aurora will be able to let storybrooke know that the fairytale land still exists, that emma and snow are alright and looking for a way back, warn them of cora, and tell them to lock up their daughters cuz hook is on his way there and he is dangerously hot.

  • Vicky

    “to lock up their daughters cuz hook is on his way there and he is dangerously hot.” LOL and you are so darn right!
    Very interesting theory!