Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Script Teases For February 10th Return, “Tiny”

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February 1, 2013

ABC has been tweeting up a storm of script previews for Once Upon A Time during their min-hiatus. Once as a stellar February 10th return in store with “Tiny”, but until then let’s try and piece together this dialog puzzle ABC has given us! Hit the comment below with all your theories.

Mary Margaret: You really like the holster, huh?
David: Miss carrying a sword.
Mary Margaret: Looks good on you.

Hook: Come closer and feel for yourself.

Abraham: But you’re just so damn tiny, Tiny.

Hook: This is her most precious cargo. Whatever she intends to do with him, it’s important.

Mary Margaret: Step away from my husband.

Henry: Have you ever been outside Storybrooke, Mr. Gold?

Mr. Gold: How terribly uncivilized.

Mr: Gold: Have you ever been impaled upon a can before?

David: He paid the ultimate price for his arrogance, he’s dead.