Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Nothing Worse Than A Regina Scorned, Plus Tamara Scoop!!

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March 15, 2013

I have a couple of juicy spoilers for ABC’s Once Upon A Time. Lana Parilla is promising a very pissed Regina now that she is fully aware that Mary Margaret orchestrated Cora’s death. In other news, fans can expect some twisty developments where Neil’s fiance’, Tamara, are concerned.

“I honestly can’t say — it’ll just give away too much,” Lana Parrilla sorts spoils. “But I think she’s going to ‘rely a little bit on the universe’ and let things unfold as they’re meant to be.” Said differently: “She’s going to stalk her for a little bit, and then try to take her down.”

Neil’s Fiance’ Tamara
Soon enough, you won’t be wondering who Tamara might be so much as wondering what the [bleep] her agenda is.

Source: EOnline, TV line

  • http://www.facebook.com/clara.gryca Clara Gryca

    I love this show. Can’t wait to see what Regina is going to do, and what will happen to Henry???

  • Emily

    Just throwing this out there, but based on the preview my friend and I have a theory. They made Tamara look pretty mixed up in all this, but how? We think that Tamara is the “her” the outsider keeps talking to.

  • Judy

    From the Canadian sneak peek it kind of sounds like Tamara’s voice that is telling August/Pinocchio that he deserves to stay cursed. Who’s this Asian dude? He knew August’s fairy tale name. Almost seems that this Tamara may have Neal under her thumb using the guise that she’s his ‘fiance’ to get to the other fairy tale characters. Maybe She n Neal aren’t really engaged after all, and they are using ‘government intervention bit’ to get his cooperation…I’ve been trying to think of other evil female characters in the fairy tales…so what if she is Ursula from the Little Mermaid?? Considering we are supposed to see the Little Mermaid at some point…could that be a tie in? Just throwing that out there…