Once Upon A Time Spoilers: New Characters, Plus The Return Of One

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July 11, 2013

Once Upon A Time has been buy casting for season 3 and their new world, Neverland. OUaT has decided to go ahead with the character of Rufio, made famous in Robin William’s version of Pan; here are the spoilery details thus far ;)

“The character, per lore, is described as forever youthful, mischievous and harboring a penchant for clever games — but behind his playful façade lurks a petulant child twisted enough to destroy anyone who crosses his path.”

Show producers Kitsis and Horowitz are also casting Violet, or ummm…Tinkerbell?

Vi is a mischievous twentysomething whose penchant for troublemaking belies the heart of a true survivor. (Interesting side note, especially for Hook if she is Tinkerbell: She never lets a slight go unpunished!)

In addition, a familiar do-gooder will resurface in season 3, but his character will be re-cast, so the search is on for the new Robin Hood.

Tom Ellis (Merlin) isn’t available for a recurring run as Robin Hood. Who’s your pick to “rob” Ellis of his role? Anyone know what Matt Smith’s up to these days?

Source: TV Line

  • Susan

    It would be great if they include more people of color this season – fairytale world should not be all white!

  • Lauren

    I would like to see Emma and Captain Hook have a romance!!! They have amazing chemistry of bad boy does good for the girl of his dreams type of story. I could totally see Hook do whatever he can to change Emma’s head towards him. It would be an electrifying story because it would totally anger her parents, going with a rebel and totally make Gold mad because it happened to Gold before when he lost his wife to Hook. It would totally be an amazingly sexy hot story line if bad boy Hook fell for Emma and Emma fights the draw towards him to only slowly cave to his wicked charms. I mean look at Hook he’s HOT! How can you not even have a crush on that pirate. He could teach Henry a thing or two about swords! It would be so much fun to see Emma with Hook!!!!!!

  • nessa

    I heard people wanted to see the girl from Brave, and Princess Tiana, but I really hope they introduce the originals first. I want to see Pocahantas and Jasmine before I see the newer disney girls.

  • 9283893

    yes!! this would be something interesting not boring been there done that Neil. Hook keeps making these sexy remarks and i want to see something happen!