'Once Upon A Time' Spoilers: New Casting, Plus Regret In Season 2

'Once Upon A Time' Spoilers: New Casting, Plus Regret In Season 2

I have a tantalizing round-up of spoilers to share for ABC's Once Upon A Time. Once Showrunner, Edward Kitsis, reveals another new casting for season 2 as well as some much needed Mad Hatter~Sebastian Stan news. Plus, Kitsis promises Once Upon A Time's second season will be a year of redemption, loss and regret.

Princess Aurora comes in a package deal! The ABC hit series is currently looking for a Prince Phillip to go hand-in-hand with Aurora and he kind of reminds us of Charming: He is known to selflessly shoulder the burden for those around him and is a skilled warrior. Oh, and he's very handsome.

Showrunner Edward Kitsis said fans will "absolutely" see Sebastian Stan in season two, so Jefferson/Mad Hatter's story is far from over.

Next season is all about redemption — especially considering people have done some pretty messed-up things in fairy tale land they'll now remember in Storybrooke. "Archie, for example, who is Jiminy Cricket, is a conscience, but for 28 years, he's forgotten the fact that he turned Gepetto's parents into puppets," executive producer Edward Kitsis says. "Those puppets are hanging in Mr. Gold's shop, so what happens when you're confronted with your past now? There's a lot of loss, regret and redemption for these characters to find."

Source: EOnline, TV Guide