Once Upon A Time Spoilers: New And Terrible Things For The Charming’s To Overcome

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December 5, 2012

The Charming family finally reunited last week, despite Cora and Hook’s efforts, but they weren’t the only characters that made it through the rabbit hole. Ginnfer Goodwin and Jennifer Morrison spoiled a little side dish about the new and terrible things that are coming when Once Upon A Time returns in the new year. The two wouldn’t firmly commit about Hook and Cora being part of the bad that’s on the horizon, but offered these clues.

“It’s[the reunion], of course, short-lived because yet another obstacle is going to be thrust between all of these characters,” Goodwin says, with Morrison adding, “New terrible things need to happen for us to work out.”

What wicked thing do you think is headed to Storybrooke; Hook and Cora, or something else entirely! Hit the comments below with all your guesses :)
Source: TV Guide

  • Ana

    Well, Henry’s father is on their way :P