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Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Nathan Parsons joins season 7; EP teases Drizella's motives

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Nathan Parsons joins season 7; EP teases Drizella's motives

Nathan Parsons (The Originals) has boarded the cast of Once Upon A Time season 7 in a recurring role.

Exec producer Eddy Kitsis, meanwhile, teased Drizella's motives following Sunday's big reveal -- while also offering what's next between Ivy and Henry's relationship. 

Also, star Dania Ramirez teased that we'll see more interactions from Jacinda and Regina in the coming weeks. 

And on Bonus Spoiler bits, the EPs addressed your burning Q's following Friday's episode.


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On Parsons' season 7 role: 

Parsons will play Nick, a confident and charismatic slacker-turned-successful-lawyer. He’s polished, but not stuffy or smarmy. A natural guy’s guy, Nick has an instant likability and always says the right thing. Rumor has it he’ll be playing a potential love interest for one of our cast.

The actor, whose credits also include True Blood and General Hospital, will first appear in episode 708, which is slated to air Nov. 17.


Kitisis on Drizella's motives: 

I would say that when you are the unloved child and you are looking for your mother’s approval — Ivy wants to show her mom that she’s just as capable, if not more so, than her, and we’ll be seeing that coming up.


 On Ivy/Henry's relationship:

She has her sights set on him. 

How he feels about it, we’ll have to wait and see. But she definitely seems like she is interested.” And given the Jacinda/Cinderella of it all, “There is some conflict to come!


Ramirez on Regina and Jacinda's season 7 bond: 

Jacinda and Regina have a lot of similarities. 

They share a maternal instinct that whether you have a kid or you don’t have a kid or whatever that journey is, I think she’s very loving and encouraging, and I feel like she’s so far been a real rock for Jacinda, and has helped her find strength at times that she has wanted to give up.



* Co-showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis answers burning q's following Friday's episode. 

Horowitz on that witch on the tower:

Without revealing too much, what we can tease is we’re going to learn more about that witch, we’re going to see her in flashbacks, and we’re going to see that she’s connected to multiple characters.

Kitsis on Henry pointing out that he's the kid in the photo w/ Regina: 

That is going to take us to strange places, especially for Roni, because this is now getting very crazy for her. Episode 6 will answer that question.


Kitsis on Regina's flashback hour: 

[The love interest is] not going to be until the second half of the season, but Regina’s flashback is episode 6 and she’s going to have an unlikely pairing with Drizella.


* Episode 712 is titled "A Taste of the Heights." 


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