Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Meghan Ory Teases Red’s Possible Return!!

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February 2, 2014

Once Upon A Time’s reset and consequential tailored twist wrapping the mid-season finale has Meghan Ory particularly excited! Ory spoils about her possible return in second part of season 3, to reprise her character Ruby/Red/Wolf.

Ory made clear that she is “not gone from Once [Upon a Time],” even though, due to scheduling conflicts, her character has yet to pop up in Season 3. “Red Riding Hood just kind of disappeared into the mist,” the actress noted. “I’m told she will be back.”

Catching up with Ory after her TCA panel, TVLine asked if she was up to speed on the big twist uncorked at the end of Once’s midseason finale, in which all fairytale characters were sent back to from whence they came as Storybrooke blinked out of existence. She was not, being busy with Intelligence and all, so we looped her in.
With a big smile and a hearty laugh, she proceeded to ask about Storybrooke’s vanishing: “Does that mean I never have to wear my booty shorts again? Because that’d be awesome! That means that if I go back, I get to be Red Riding Hood and wear my cape again, which I love.”