Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Last Night's Shockers, Plus The Freshest Season Finale Scoop!!

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Last Night's Shockers, Plus The Freshest Season Finale Scoop!!

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Last night Regina was saved by the most unlikely ally, while Neal and Emma's love was torn away once more. Owen's revenge was pushed over the edge when he discovered his father's body, leaving him and Tamara set to destroy Storybrooke once and for all -- all in the name of the 'home office'?! EP's and Co-creator's Edward Horowitz and Edward Kitsis have a spoilery preview for this Sunday's highly anticipated season 5 finale.

So, read, speculate and sound off below about last night's stellar episode as well as this Sunday's finale!!

Get Ready for Neverland
Kitsis teases, We'll discover that Hook (Colin O'Donoghue) and Bae have an interesting connection as we get more information about Neal's backstory. "Emma [Jennifer Morrison] reminds him of Wendy," Kitsis says. "What happens with him, Wendy and the Darling family is the emotional touchstone of what these last two hours are. As promised, the producers will also nod to a character we'll meet next season who is likely Peter Pan himself."

The Home Office
It turns out, Tamara and Greg have actually been hired by some entity, which will be revealed during the final hours. "You will find out who the home office is, you will find out what they want, but you won't know why they want it," Kitsis teases. Horowitz adds: "In bringing in Greg and Tamara, who are characters who we have established and shown to be real world characters, that was our way of saying, 'What starts to happen when the real world gets connected to Storybrooke and the magic there?'" Expect a showdown that will lead to "a really surprising revelation about one of our characters," Horowitz says.

The Trigger
Regina (Lana Parrilla) unearthed a black diamond that is the curse's failsafe, but it's now fallen into the hands of Greg and Tamara. "As always with a curse, it's a self-destruct button because that's just the way big curses work," Kitsis says. "The device is an erase button that returns Storybrooke to what it once was, so everyone involved in it will die. Unfortunately for Regina, she's now strapped to a table, and the two people who have it seemed to be hellbent on getting rid of this town." Unfortunately, there are only three magic beans left that survived Regina razing the fields.

Snow White's Dark Heart
In the final two episodes, we'll see Snow White (Ginnifer Goodwin) struggle to fix her black heart by trying to find the light again, but the question remains whether it's possible. "It's really starting to motivate her and push her," Horowitz says. "There's a lot of feelings of guilt for what she's done and she sees a tough road ahead of her, which is, 'How do I heal this dark heart?' and you'll see that plays a huge part in the finale." We'll see her take a step in doing that this Sunday when she risks her own life to save Regina. Kitsis also notes that it will certainly affect her decision to go back to fairy tale land. Unfortunately, this will all put more pressure on Charming (Josh Dallas), who is faced with balancing Snow's issue with saving all his people.

Emma's Big Decision
As Storybrooke is faced with extinction, Emma will have a big decision to make in regards to the possibility of traveling with her family to fairy tale land. "When things are coming to a head, you don't have as many choices as you once thought and you have to react on instinct," Kitsis says. "Sometimes you have to put aside your personal feelings for the good of others because that's what a true hero does." Additionally, we'll see Emma confront her feelings about Neal as well as her connection to magic. "We're definitely going to explore the magic inside her," Kitsis says.

The Prophecy
Even though it's Henry (Jared Gilmore) who was prophesized to be Rumple's (Robert Carlyle) downfall, it may be someone else who tries to rectify this. "As you see with the villains this year, they're all trying to go on the straight and narrow and none of them can seem to get off the bottom," Kitsis says. "So Lacey [Emilie de Ravin], who loves the bottle, I would hate to find out what she thinks of this prophecy, what she thinks about letting a little child stand in the way."

Fun Finale Facts
Mulan (Jamie Chung), Aurora (Sarah Bolger) and Phillip (Julian Morris) will definitely be back in the finale, which hopefully indicates a return to fairy tale land, but that doesn't mean everyone will make it there. The producers are hesitant to say whether death would factor into the finale but add that we should always be worried about death. In addition to revealing the mystery of the outsiders, Horowitz notes they'll "also look back into the lives of some of our characters in a way we haven't seen yet." Dun. Dun. Dunnnn?

Source: TV Guide