Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Kitsis And Horowitz Answer A Lightening Round Of Questions

Once Upon A Time Spoilers: Kitsis And Horowitz Answer A Lightening Round Of Questions

Once Upon A Time creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis gave another lighting round of spoilers to TV Guide this week. The two showrunners revealed much and little at the same time, wetting our appetites for more fairytale backstory and Storybrooke drama. They answered your burning questions, so sound off below with your thoughts!!

Was it Aurora's (Sarah Bolger) mother that Regina (Lana Parrilla) was referring to back in Season 1 who got the best of Maleficent (Kristin Bauer)?

Edward Kitsis: Yes.

Might we ever see that?

Adam Horowitz: We might!

Is there ever a chance for romance between Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and August (Eion Bailey)?

Kitsis: I would say that Emma is definitely going to have some interesting suitors this year, but August has, so far, been such a big brother to her that I'm not sure that those two are meant to be. But it's a TV show; you never know!
Horowitz: We haven't seen the last of those two together on the show.

Would the consequences be as severe if Regina left Storybrooke considering she doesn't have an alter-ego memory?

Hororwitz: No. It would not be as severe.

Will other characters cross into fairy-tale land?

Hororwitz: We take the fifth.

Will Belle (Emilie de Ravin) ever confront Regina for locking her up?

Hororwitz: She should!

Even though Cora (Barbara Hershey) says she killed Lancelot (Sinqua Walls), have we seen the last of him?

Horowitz: No.
Kitsis: Why does everyone just believe what Cora says? Not one person on the blogs have doubted Cora, as if she's the most trustworthy character that we have! She's not Snow White, for God's sake!

Could Cora have good intentions?

Hororwitz: I think everybody thinks they do.

Going back to Lancelot, is there a chance of seeing Guinevere or Arthur?

Kitsis: There is a chance of seeing it, perhaps this season, but definitely someday we will.

Will we ever see flashbacks to pre-Emma Storybrooke when the curse was intact?

Horowitz: We're very interested in that period as well.

Will we see how Henry (Jared Gilmore) ended up in Storybrooke?

Kitsis: Yes, it's just a matter of when.

Is King George (Alan Dale) still hell-bent on revenge?

Kitsis: Oh yeah! Keep watching!